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Thread: Looking Back on 35 Years as an Amiga User

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    Default Looking Back on 35 Years as an Amiga User

    Published this blog post yesterday. I thought folks around here might enjoy the stroll back down memory lane.

    "Thirty five years ago I became an Amiga user. One of the first, actually. This is a meandering and reminiscent post of sorts, written to mark the Amiga’s 35th anniversary and the 35 years I have known and loved the system..."

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    Got my A500 in about 88 and it was amazing.

    Thing I really missed though, was the direct interaction of the BBC that preceded it. I knew that machine inside & out, whereas the Amiga was so far ahead that programming it seemed a little disheartening as I would never produce anything as polished.

    Played lots of games though. Carrier command stands out vividly and is still playable now (if my mouse worked better, that is).
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