The Static Column RAM chips finally arrived this week so I was able to upgrade the system memory board to a full 2MB of RAM.

Here is the fully populated board.

This helps ease the memory crunch somewhat for the things that I would like to do with the machine, but I would really like to get it updated to at least 4MB of total RAM. The will require either the 1-2 MB or 4-8 MB expansion boards which are proving to be impossible to find. If anyone has any ideas on where I could track one of these down I would be most grateful.

The "new" video card I installed in the machine had a strange problem where anything that used mode 13H displayed with incorrect colours, almost like they were inverted. I did a graphics test with Checkit and the Mode13H pallet test did not display correctly; with the middle third of the pallet repeating the final third. It was very strange since it only seemed to affect his mode. I temporarily inserted the PVGA1A card from my 286 and everything displayed and acted correctly.

I've since returned the WD90C30 card and have ordered a GD5428-based card to take it's place. Just waiting on the delivery of that.