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Thread: CP/M terminal for BBS

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    Default CP/M terminal for BBS


    I am using Imsai 8080 with 2x 8"sssd floppy station and Esprit terminal. Itīs connected to main PC with nullmodem cable. I transfer files via xmodem protocoll from pc to imsai, this works fine.
    Now, i want to use my Imsai to take a look to BBS boxes. How can i do ? I does not find a working terminal software for my imsai. I took a look to bye, kermit and so on. I only found a version of "bye5"
    for Commodore 128 computers. How can i adjust the "bye"-terminal programm to my imsai ? I think, i have to find a sourcecode and change the equals to my rxport, txport and so on ?! Please help !

    Next one, i have to build a bridge between my Imsai, accross the main pc to the worldwide web. Which programm can you recommend to do that ?

    My dream is to connect main pc to a telephone. A programm on main pc calls bbs via web and let the telephone rings, then i could use my acoustic coupler.. Perhaps this is also possible ?! But for the
    beginning, the other way via nullmodemcable good enough..

    Thank you


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    For my Kaypro IV, I use a Wifi Modem and Term right now.

    Remember, CP/M systems were meant to be used with a terminal. So most "terminal" programs are simply going to be serial port passthroughs.
    Even my Kaypro does an ADM 3A terminal emulation for the console.

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    BYE is for running a BBS (RCP/M), not connecting to one.

    Look into Irv Hoff's IMP program. You'll need to find an insert for the serial board you're using.

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