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Thread: Toshiba libretto 50ct: how to reinstall win98?

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    Question Toshiba libretto 50ct: how to reinstall win98?

    I've got recently a toshiba libretto 50ct, i would like to reinstall win98, but cant find a way other than take off the hdd and copy cab files from another computer.
    I have a toshiba pcmcia cd drive, the toshiba pcmcia floppy drive, and a fujitsu pcmcia cd drive (just in case) all of them 16bit. Do someone know how to install from the cd drive, considering that it only have just one pcmcia port (16bit)?

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    These came with Windows 95 on floppy disks. If you want to re-install Win98, taking out the HDD and copying the WIN98 folder from the CD to the HDD is the only option. (well, apart from using a CF card via PCMCIA in DOS. But you don't want to try that - trust me )

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    You need a win98 boot floppy that loads the dos drivers of the pcmcia cd drive. Then you can run boot from floppy and then run the win98 installer from the cd.
    If I recall correctly, there should be an image of the boot disk in the win98 cd that includes some generic cd drivers. You may need to add the specific drivers for your pcmcia drive to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davide78 View Post
    You need a win98 boot floppy that loads the dos drivers of the pcmcia cd drive.
    Sorry, I realized only now that you cannot have the floppy and the cd drive connected at the same time. So, unless the Libretto can boot from CD, copy the installation files to hdd is the only option.

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    Depending on how badly you want to play this, you can also use INTERLNK/INTERSVR to copy the data over a serial port. I've installed Office 95 through such a serial link once... overnight. Otherwise, I'd highly recommend some form of networking - PCMCIA Ethernet cards should be available, including DOS drivers.

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