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Thread: DEC de-accession, value estimates sought:

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    Default DEC de-accession, value estimates sought:

    Circumstances require selling off some or all the DECs [ will still have some DGs to play with ].
    One can often get a general idea of value based on prior open market (like eBay) sales but not
    enough comparables out there, so would like to get a ball-park idea.

    Prefer to see them stay within VCF but because of the amount previously invested I'm not able to "give it away"
    at hobby prices as I would like in an ideal world. Everything is good shape and complete, but not booted up since dry long term storage. May sell some or all of it but will try here before eBay. Here's a quick overview, informed and straightforward feedback much appreciated.

    > Complete PDP-8/E, 8k core, full flip chip/board set (have list), good condition, long dry storage.
    > Complete PDP-11/05, 8k core, full flip chip/board set (have list) good condition, long dry storage.
    > DECScope VT-52, good condition nothing missing or damaged from long term storage.
    > RX-01 dual floppy drive, good condition nothing missing or damaged, from long storage.

    thanks for your help.
    Roger in NY

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    Wow, surprised no one’s jumping on this stuff. Would think that the eight and the eleven is easily worth $1,000.00 or more being you would be getting not just random junk from some hack but systems from someone who knows what they are selling. Also looking at the crazy prices on eBay these days think those are good numbers for both the seller and buyer.
    If it were me would be temped to sell for less if it was to the right person, something like that 11/05 if it’s a full size system would be a great system for someone who wants to get into the DEC life but then again if it were going to be sold to some hack that’s just going to strip it and sell the parts on eBay you got to charge at least $1,500.00 if not more. My experience has been that the hacks who buy, gut and flip this stuff don’t want to pay that much so the systems will be kept together until you find the right person.
    I have a similar problem where I have a couple eleven racks, one with dual RL drives and another with a huge open reel transport that I have thought about selling but the problem is don’t want to see them just go to someone who will strip and sell the parts, you know how it can be where you put a lot of work into some of these systems. But I know to the right person I would sell for a lot less then what I have in them. There was a museum out in California that wanted the Qbus system and would have sold the system working with the tape drive, RL drive, disk packs and everything set up and working for a good price but all the shipping was an issue so did not do that.
    Long story short I would recommend $750.00 for each computer but that would be to a selected buyer. If you put them on eBay think you will get more. Then the next thing will be all the shipping issues and you already know about that.

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    If I had the space I'd be considering it, life is getting in the way of solving that issue sadly....

    If they end up on eBay, there's the possibility of them getting parted out and the individual boards sold separately as some have pointed out here.

    I'm certainly on the side of wanting to sell these "within the family" first before going on ebay right off the bat.
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    Age old problem of shipping/pickup

    Small group of interested people, spread out over a huge area.

    We almost need a VCFed shipping service but even if we could partner it would be expensive. I have just seen a nice XT with an original model F keyboard (which I am missing from my machine) but I won't bid as its 4 hours away and they won't ship.
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    Hi Roger,

    I would like to buy the PDP-8/E and the RX-01 dual floppy drive. Possibly also in the DECscope Vt-52. I am willing to pay a reasonable price.
    I am good with repairing old hardware and am also good with software. I started my career on CDC CYBER 175 mainframes but worked as an embedded software engineer for the past 40+ years.
    The PDP-8/E would go to a good new home where it would be restored to fully working order and looked after.
    Could you please reply to:

    Thanks and best regards
    Tom Hunter

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    Sorry, even though I was merely looking for values and they were not actually formally for sale here, due to numerous offers the 8/e is now sold, however the VT52 and RX01 are still available.


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