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Thread: Compaq Digital Dashboard - Tell it that it has internet - Presario EZ2200

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    Default Compaq Digital Dashboard - Tell it that it has internet - Presario EZ2200

    Hi Folks,

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. I have a Compaq EZ-2200 with the "Compaq Digital Dashboard". It works great except the dashboard isn't seeing the internet access from the LAN. It seems to be only looking at dial up status from somewhere. There is an email notification light on the top and there is an app (CPQMLCK.EXE) that runs to check a POP server. When I run the debug I get the error "INTERNET_NOT_ALIVE". The internet status light on the front panel has never illuminated either. Do you know of someway to trick or convince this device/software that is has internet. I am trying to do a video with this desktop in it and I was hoping to get this functional. This is a rare machine with a rare display my odds of success here are very low. This is running WindowsME.



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    If it where me, I'd do some packet sniffing and see if it is trying to ping a specific ip on the internet to check for connectivity (like MS does with Windows these days). Could be that whatever it's bouncing off is no longer out there, so it just things it's permanently not online.

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    Good idea to sniff about special IP adresses.

    Anyhow maybe it only checks for dial up modem connections and does not check for LAN connection. In that era most peoples connected to Internet by modem and not router.

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