I am located near Preston and may be able to help. I have the following tape drives:

TSZ07 (6250 bpi/1600 bpi)
TS11 (1600 bpi)
TU77 (1600 bpi/800 bpi).

None of them are ready to go at the push of a button but the TSZ07 would be relatively easy to setup due to it's SCSI interface. The TS11 is under repair at the moment with parts due to arrive this week so I might have this one running quite soon. This is the drive that I've used for all my previous archiving work. I find it's slow speed makes it quite suitable for this task. The TU77 is some way off mainly because the only system I have with MASSBUS is a VAX-11/780 and that is also under repair at the moment.

The main sticking point is that I don't currently have a method for baking tapes. I used to have access to a temperature controlled oven at work that was ideal for the job but unfortunately that facility is gone now.