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Thread: FreHD internal installation kit.

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    Default FreHD internal installation kit.

    Hey, folks. I designed an internal mounting bracket and faceplate to mount a FreHD in a model 3 or 4 floppy bay. It is 3D printed, and I made a couple extra if anyone is interested. It actually came out really nice, and looks period correct once installed.

    I have put the extra ones on EBAY if anyone would like one.
    The item is: Trs-80 FreHD Faceplate Floppy Bracket (FreHD not included)

    Read the description for more info. Also, let me know what you think.
    I might make a similar bracket for the 4P if anyone is interested.


    my part.jpg

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    Would be very interested.

    I cant find the auction on eBay though.

    Would the SLT's be available for the design so I can have made in the UK?


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    Here's a link to the auction:

    I don't really want to release the STL files yet. I would like to sell a few first. I was hoping to sell enough to buy a 4cellerator for my Model 4, but we'll see...

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