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Thread: Apple IIe Enhanced garbage on screen... two machines, same problem!

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    HAH! Okay... well, all of the original chips are in the sockets now and all the memory tests are passing perfectly fine.

    Rather than having bad RAM, I think there were a number of different things at play here:

    *An issue with the Oregon Trail disk causing an unrelated error
    *The IO card being in slot 7 rather than slot 6, which gave disk errors using Insta Disk via the tape input from my iPad
    *No real diagnostic software available due to the above disk error...
    *My lack of understanding of what should appear onscreen on an Apple IIe when you power it off and back on without waiting long enough (IBM PCs don't generally have this issue... but maybe that's part of why startup can take longer)
    *My general lack of understanding of how an Apple IIe should behave
    *My complete lack of understanding of how Apple BASIC interacts with memory

    I'm not going to point any fingers because of a incorrect diagnoses... I'm sure on some level I wasn't providing sufficient information, and I was injecting my own assumptions into the conversation.

    I'm glad I didn't have a terrible time adding the sockets anyway. This board is now more "future proof" since it can be much more easily maintained.

    Anyway, in the future if you guys come across complaints of garbage on screen or other misc errors, perhaps link to this post and my previous one. It could save someone a ton of time and possibly damaging a board due to unnecessary desoldering of components.
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