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Thread: Looking for a copy of Kermit for TS-802

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    Default Looking for a copy of Kermit for TS-802


    I am looking for a copy of Kermit or another terminal software to use on my TS-802 t running CP/m. I'd love to use it with one of my wifi modems. Google didn't turn up much.

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    It doesn't appear Kermit has a Driver for the Televideo TS-802. But, it should be easy
    enough to take the parameters from IMP or MEX and modify an existing Driver (Overlay)
    to get the Televideo TS-802 working.

    Kermit - does not support TeleVideo TS-802
    I218-4.AZM	IMP Overlay - SB180 MicroMint
    I2AC-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Actrix computer
    I2AD-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Advanced Digital
    I2AE-1.AZM	IMP Overlay - Action Enterprises
    I2AL-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Altos 8000
    I2AM-4.AZM	IMP Overlay - Ampro Little Board
    I2AP-10.AZM	IMP Overlay - various Apple CP/M
    I2AS-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Amstrad PCW-8256
    I2B2-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Big Board II
    I2B3-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Bondwell 2 Laptop
    I2BT-4.AZM	IMP Overlay - Beehive Topper
    I2BW-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Bondwell 12/14
    I2C8-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Commodore C128
    I2CC-5.AZM	IMP Overlay - CCS 2719/2830
    I2CP-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Compupro Interfacer
    I2CR-1.AZM	IMP Overlay - Cromemco Tuart
    I2CT-1.AZM	IMP Overlay - Cromemco TUART
    I2DA-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Davidge DST3-4/6
    I2DG-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Digital Group
    I2DM-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Dynabyte Monarch
    I2DP-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Datapoint 1560
    I2DV-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Datavue 3000
    I2EA-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Eagle II and III
    I2EP-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Epson QX-10
    I2EQ-4.AZM	IMP Overlay - Insight Enterprises
    I2FT-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Facit DTC Computers
    I2H8-5.AZM	IMP Overlay - Heath/Zenith 89
    I2HZ-6.AZM	IMP Overlay - Heath/Zenith 100
    I2LO-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Lobo MAZ-80
    I2MC-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Molecular Series X
    I2MD-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Morrow MD3
    I2MDA-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Morrow MD3
    I2ME-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Morrow MD5/MD11
    I2MIC-1.AZM	IMP Overlay - Multitech MIC 504
    I2MM-4.ZZ0	IMP Overlay - MicroMint SB180
    I2MO-3.AZM	IMP Overlay -- Morrow MD-3
    I2MT-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Memotech SDZ-512
    I2NA-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - North Star Advantage
    I2NC-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - NCR Decision Mate 5
    I2NE-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - NEC 8801
    I2NH-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - North Star Horizon
    I2NS-6.AZM	IMP Overlay - North Star Horizon
    I2OA-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Otrona Attache
    I2OS-5.AZM	IMP Overlay - Osborne OS-1
    I2OV-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Osborne Vixen
    I2OX-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Osborne Executive
    I2PCC-1.AZM	Pertec PCC-2000 overlay for IMP
    I2R2-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - TRS-80 Model II/12
    I2R4-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - TRS-80 Model 4
    I2RV-5.AZM	IMP Overlay - Racal-Vadic autodial
    I2RV-6.AZM	IMP Overlay - Racal-Vadic modems
    I2RY-1.AZM	IMP Overlay - Royal Alphatronics
    I2S2-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Sanyo 1200/1250
    I2SB-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Intertec Super Brain
    I2SD-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - SD Systems SBC-200
    I2SP-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Coleco Adam/EVE SP-1
    I2SS-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - CompuPro Sys Support 1
    I2SV-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - SVI-238
    I2SY-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Sanyo computers
    I2TD-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - TurboDOS 1.4x
    I2TS-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Timex-Sinclair 2068
    I2TV-5.AZM	IMP Overlay - TeleVideo 801/802/804
    I2US-1.AZM	IMP Overlay - US Robotics S-100
    I2VB-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - Verbose only modems
    I2VG-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Vector Graphics 3/4
    I2WM-3.AZM	IMP Overlay - WaveMate Bullet
    I2XE-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Xerox 820
    I2ZB-2.AZM	IMP Overlay - Zorba
    MXO-TV13.AQM	MEX overlay - TeleVideo TS-802

    There probably is a copy of Modem 7 or Xmodem that supports the Televideo TS-802.


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    I downloaded the Overlay for IMP. It states:

    ; I2TV-5.ASM - TeleVideo TS-802/803/804/TPC-1 overlay for IMP - 06/01/87
    ;	   TV801 uses the Z80 SIO & CTC timer (3.6884 MHz)
    ;	   TV802 uses the Z80 SIO & CTC timer (3.6864 MHz)
    So, if you can locate a Kermit Overlay for some other CP/M Computer you can modify
    the Overlay for the TS-802.

    Next step is to download I2TV-5.ASM and view the settings.


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    There are also generic versions of Kermit for CP/M 2.2 (which requires IOBYTE support in CP/M bios, don't know if your machine has that) and for CP/M 3. These won't work at high baudrates, but may be sufficient.

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