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Thread: Apple iie no drive seek when powered on

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    Default Apple iie no drive seek when powered on

    Trouble shooting a new apple iie I picked up. Have run into something I have not experienced with this one. When powered on it drops into basic but does not attempt to boot from the floppy drive. Nothing happens. No red light, not drive sounds, etc. I have confirmed that the controller card, drive and disk are fine using my other iie.

    In addition I have checked power at the card slot and all voltages are present and look normal. I have also run the self test and it comes back with "System Ok". Any thoughts on where to look next? Chris

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    I thought I remembered working with this before in this forum and I found it. Replace the 74LS245 on the motherboard.

    Larry G

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    You were spot on. Swapped it out for the one in my other system and boots fine now. Running my Master Diagnostics disk now to test further. Thanks, Chris


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