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Thread: Compaq Portable III keyboard-related problem

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    Default Compaq Portable III keyboard-related problem

    Finally, I have a partly working portable III. The display doesn't work - I'm pretty sure that's a power supply fault, not feeding it the volts it needs - but I have a CGA->VGA converter connected, which shows the system booting up to C: and allows me to look around the drive.

    The problem is that after a minute or two, the computer stops responding to the keyboard. On screen, the cursor keeps flashing as normal, the keyboard shows it is connected because any lights such as NUM lock or CAPS lock remain on, but no key press appears to do anything. Rebooting the system works, but again, after a minute or two, same thing.

    I don't think it's the keyboard - I switched it with another one, and the behavior is exactly the same. Internally, the connector looks properly soldered and is firmly connected to the motherboard.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you sure it isn't locked up? Have you run the Compaq diags?

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    It boots to the diagnostic disk and when I run setup, it gives me the system settings. By the time I checked those were OK, the keyboard had gone unresponsive again, so I couldn't exit out.

    It certainly has the feel of a lockup, but from the dim and distant past, I recall that would more likely cause the cursor to freeze too, but this one keeps blinking. However, I'm fairly sure it isn't the keyboard, so it could easily be a lockup of some kind.

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    I'm having similar problems with mine, except it seems to be the memory that's going.

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    I get the impression that if I were to constantly use the keyboard, the system would keep running, and that it's because I pause input that it then happens.

    I don't know if that is actually the case, but I did seem to get further into navigating the directory structure and opening an application if I kept at the keyboard, than if I let it boot up and then just waited. However, that could be coincidence.


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