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Thread: Help learning how to identify terminal types?

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    Default Help learning how to identify terminal types?

    I'm looking for help learning how to determine what terminal type a machine is using. I have a Televideo 802 and I don't know what TERM to set on the Linux side. VT100 and VT52 doesn't work properly, but adm3 is the closest I have found so far.

    The manual doesn't have any info on what protocol it might be using. Is there a trick to this?


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    I have no experience with Televideo equipment, but know that the company produced a lot of computer terminals, in addition to a few personal computers. From the bitsavers documentation I infer that the TS-802 uses essentially the same terminal codes as the Televideo 950 terminal. I seem to recall the Televideo terminals were not really "like" any others, but that's just recollection.

    That being said, it's not clear to me what arrangement you have between the TS-802 and Linux. Are you using the TS-802 as some sort of terminal (i.e. running a terminal program under CP/M)? Or are you connecting to a serial port on the TS-802 as some sort of second console?

    If you are using the TS-802 as a terminal, I suspect the terminal program is just passing through characters and so you'd need to tell your Linux applications to use a TERM type appropriate for Televideo 950. It is conceivable that the terminal program is "cross-emulating" terminal type, but I doubt it.

    If you are trying to connect to the TS-802 as an auxiliary console, it is then the terminal "type" configured into your CP/M programs that will drive what terminal emulation you need on Linux. Certainly, "native" TS-802 apps expect the Televideo 950 terminal. But, other apps could be used, that are configured for other (more standard) terminal types.
    - Doug

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    Welcome to the world of babel-terminals. Televideo did produce a VT220-type terminal, but that was the 922.

    Here's the terminfo for the 920C

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    You can find the terminfo files for TeleVideo under Linux here: /usr/share/terminfo/t/tvi* I see a tvi803, but not an 802. I use a TV 910+ with Linux that gets most of the codes right. You may have to experiment with different tvi* settings.


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