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Thread: Spectrum ZX Collection

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    Default Spectrum ZX Collection


    I am selling my Spectrum ZX collection.

    It has a lot of parts that are hard to find, or at least hard to find together.
    All the items have the original boxes and all cables and materials.

    ZX Spectrum 48k computer.
    It has new keyboard membrane and keyboard bezel (metal plate) and is composite video modded (it just uses the old RF RCA socket).
    It is PAL, needs 50Hz display and PAL color monitor to see color in the USA.
    The power supply is 220V European plug. You will need converter, or just use different power supply.

    ZX Interface 1 and Microdrive, including cables and drive(s).

    RAM Turbo Spectrum Joystick Interface

    Spectrum DivSD - This allows you to of course load software straight from SD card instead of tape or MicroDrive.

    Several game tapes, see pictures.

    I honestly don't know what these are worth to someone in the US. I know what I have originally in the collection and bought the new keyboard parts and DivSD later.
    I've seen the Interface 1 and Microdrive go for $200 by themselves recently.
    The Spectrum has new keyboard, those seem to go for $70 or more fully working. (Most will have bad keyboard if unrestored)
    The DivSD is $40 new.

    The rest is just bonus. How about $325 + fees + shipping? If I am way off, let me know.

    Photos are here:
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    I can't edit my post, but I added more photos and posted them here:

    I tested everything and it all works fine.

    I only have one Microdrive cartridge, and the felt pad has gone on it, so it will not read. However, this is a common problem and you can get or make the felt pads. The drive itself is basically "new" and still has the plastic on it. Everything responds to all commands normally.


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