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Thread: Black Friday blahs

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    We ignored the whole Black Friday thing at my house; personally spent the non-chore/non-completely-vegetating portions of the day working out the kinks in integrating a new clock divider circuit into my pixel-pusher-project. Which would be mind-numbingly boring to most people, I guess, but since it's my ugly baby I'm having fun with it. Gave me an excuse to pull out the oscilloscope I don't get enough use out of and generate pretty pictures of sync waveforms.

    I think the last time I actually stood in line for a Black Friday opening was many years ago to try to get an Atari Flashback 2 (the only one of the series built around an ASIC that actually replicated an Atari 2600 and was hackable to add a real cartridge port) from Toys R' Us for some ridiculously low price. Ended in a total mission failure.
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    Black Friday is really only a US thing and even then the "Black Friday", "Better than Black Friday" and "Black Friday Week" schtick sucks in Canada.

    A $3000 washer and dryer set reduced to $2700 isn't a Black Friday Deal, neither is those Black Friday inventory blowouts where everything must MOVE and we cannot be undersold because you can undersell the hell out of them and they won't honor the flyer because at the end of the day it's barely even a sale. Head office plays a game of musical chairs (pun) and just shuffles unsold stock around until they get their money back writing it off in the shredder. Bean counters don't like bargains and don't get me started in electronics where the "Black Friday" blowout deal (because it's a select group of items and not the entire store) is palettes fresh off the truck of $200 60" TV's....from a brand I've never heard of because all the major brands wouldn't be caught DEAD selling a TV that cheaply built.

    Sometimes I wonder if being a purchaser for an appliance or furniture company is the most secure job in the world: You can f*** up the order and end up with five million dollars in overstocked inventory and somehow you can throw a "sale" and nobody above is going to rip you apart for blowing $5 million.
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    Precisely, the deals are non-existant. And even the items on sale arent marked down to what you would see at any other random part of the year. The other bad one in the USA is Presidents day sales. Mostly on cars but appliance and electronics sellers use it also. Big gimmick, no real sales. It's just a way of corralling the mentally handicapped and gullible folks.

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    Most people buy things online these days so they isn't much fat to cut for sale prices since they are low to begin with. The computer parts people really want are out of stock anyway.

    The only time black Friday sales were good were back when Amazon sold just books and stores would have low stock of the sale items (loss leader) just to get you in the store to buy other items.
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    I like to catch stores making mistakes. Bought piles of polo shirts for $1 to $1.50 each at JC Penney recently. They had a BOGO sale sign left up whilst also having a special final clearance offer. They tried to talk their way out of it but since I had a witness (a nice old lady whom I pointed this out to) they had to honor the deal and manually adjust pricing. Took about 20 minutes of punching in but I now have a lifetime supply of polo shirts. Pretty good quality also.

    My experiences with online sales is that it is not that easy to get amazing deals like you can in store. CVS is another perfect example. Stacking coupons in store with sales and using bonus bucks for the next purchase can net you tons of daily use items for pennies on the dollar.

    Another fun activity is test driving in exchange for gift cards. Always fun. Because most dealerships never send the gift cards so you have to file a BBB complaint, manufacturer complaint before they finally and begrudgingly send them. The one exception was a Hyundai dealership in Raleigh, NC that simply took the form and sent the gift card. No test drive needed and no questions asked. That is what I call customer service.

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