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Thread: Windows 3.0a Conventional memory is fragmented.

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    Default Windows 3.0a Conventional memory is fragmented.

    Just wondering if anyone has got Windows 3.0a working on a 486 with 16MB ram? I get receive this message when running win

    "The conventional memory in your system is fragmented and windows cannot run in 386 enhanced mode."

    I can run Windows in real mode using win /r.

    I use IBM's dynamic drive overlay. C: is 500mb and FAT16. MSdos 6.22.

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    Are you sure you're running 3.0a? I think 386 Enhanced mode came out with 3.1.

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    That is probably due to the drive overlay software. Those do funny things to the 640k base memory.

    Are you sure you need the drive overlay for this drive? 500MB may the BIOS limit on a 486, but that depends on the drives CHS configuration.

    Does Windows 3.1 run? Overlays usually included compatiblity for 3.1, but 3.0 is a lot more fragile. Id try to find some way to test 3.0 without the overlay loaded.

    Might try a different overlay software, but I have no idea how 3.0 stands up against those. (Another alternative is an XTIDE BIOS in a network card ROM socket)

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    He says drive C: is 500 mb, not the whole hard disk. I'm pretty sure he would not use a drive overlay software if there was no need for it.

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    Thanks guys. Yeah it was the Drive Overlay messing around with Windows. I managed to find another smaller disk to test it..

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