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Thread: Purchase from Ebay Seller Vintage Computer Museum

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    Quote Originally Posted by tipc View Post
    I personally do not think it somehow a requirement to put something inside an antistatic bag, as a for instance.
    I hope I never accidentally buy anything from you...

    When shipping electronics, an anti-static bag is a must! Among many other causes, static charge can build up by friction, and that is something unavoidable to happen when shipping. Even worse when material is used that causes a static charge when unwrapping. No anti-static bag means that people just don't give a f*ck about the condition something arrives at the buyer once they've got their money.

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    For me, I had two broken PC AT cases because of poor packaging.

    I bought a complete 486 desktop computer, locally in the UK, which was padded with the sides of food boxes, only for the package to be tossed about by Hermes, which ended up like this.


    You can clearly see it is sorry for itself.

    I bought a replacement tower case, again locally in the UK, again it had been tossed about by UPS. It first arrived looking intact, but when opened, the fascia was damaged.



    For two HighScreen desktop cases, one seller from Bulgaria put it in a very oversized box, where the case was padded with many layers of bubble wrap and even egg trays, which arrived perfect! The other from Italy put it in a slightly larger box, where the case was padded with many layers of rubbery sheets, most especially at the front and back, where the fascia would otherwise be easily damaged, which again arrived perfect!

    For my IBM 5155, the seller wrapped it, again with many layers of bubble wrap, placed it into a HP All-In-One PC box, shipped it from the Netherlands, which yet again arrived perfect!

    Of a not-so-vintage part, I ordered an P4 LGA775 motherboard, where the seller put it in a box file, using the metal clamp to clamp the motherboard, and then shipped it like literally like that, with the Hermes shipping label glued to the front. I can't find the photograph I got of it, but I will post it if I can find it! The seller tested it, which was working before it was shipped, however it was dead on arrival, therefore the seller had to refund me.

    As for everything else that had been wrapped in ordinary (not anti-static) bubble wrap, etc., the devices still worked.


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