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Thread: Drive testing software

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    Default Drive testing software

    Yesterday, I was using my home made 8080 CP/M 2.2 machine. It has two 8" drives and while assembling a new program on B: drive, CP/M reported a disk error. I tried a couple of things, including a different disk, but the error persisted. So I changed the drive out with a spare and that solved the problem. I have an external setup where I can connect this questionable drive and use IMD, 22DISK and ANADISK on it and I'll eventually repair it. BUT.... I was wondering if there is some CP/M software that I could use on the drive/disk while it is connected to the CP/M machine. Something that would test each sector with some pattern of data, maybe multiple times with a different pattern and report the results? Software like this would be helpful to have some initial info during later troubleshooting. Any suggestions? Thanks Mike.

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    I suppose; but any general-purpose utility will have to go through CBIOS, which can obscure a lot of the issues. For example, a GP utility has no way of ascertaining blocking or caching. In fact, if an error is detected, there's no good way for a GP utility to figure out what physical sector is involved.


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