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Thread: Can someone help me re-install windows on......

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    Default Can someone help me re-install windows on......

    My wife's old Dell Inspiron 1000? (I know, I know, but she's sentimentally attached to this computer)

    The hard drive was acting up so I went for the compact flash option (64GB compact flash)

    I also upgraded to a 2.4 Pentium M, and maxed out the ram at 1.2GB.

    The machine boots, bios recognizes the CF adapter and displays 64GB.

    When I begin Windows 7 install it errors out to a point of not finding a hard drive.

    I am running setup from a USB drive due to the CD rom won't read DVD's at all and very badly reads CD's.

    I have tried formatting the hard drive in a CF to USB adapter with my laptop in the NTFS format. Formatted fine. Still wouldn't recognize in setup.

    I've also tried making the CF card bootable with the setup files on it. It booted the laptop, but setup errored out asking for a driver for a valid install drive.

    Short from buying a replacement CD/DVD rom drive, I'm at a loss. However I don't even know if that will work because setup runs fine from the bootable flash drive, so I'm afraid I will have the same issue of seeing the hard drive.

    Any recommendations?

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    It's been a long while since I've done this, but IIRC the key is changing the CF's media descriptor to "fixed", since they're normally flagged as "removable" and Win7 won't install on those.

    How to do it might depend on the CF card but here's one way (requires running a .COM file):
    There might be other utilities around, but that should be the general idea. :: :: :: blog

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    Dumb question, how do I do that?

    Should I boot from a dos floppy first which has the file on it?

    Or how do I access a command prompt within windows 7 install -as I have a blanked cf card as a hard drive and boot windows 7 setup from a flash drive.

    Can I do it from my generic cf to USB adapter plugged into my main PC then put it back into the Inspiron 1000?


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    This information is from soooo long ago!

    Use the Windows Installation disk.

    Answer the language and time questions.

    Click Next.

    Select Repair your Computer.

    Select Command Prompt.

    Select Reboot.

    Have the utility downloaded onto a floppy (via another computer) ready for use.

    Try that...



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