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Thread: Ksam80 cp/m

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    Default Ksam80 cp/m

    I've been looking for the KSAM80 version for FORTRAN-80 for a long time.

    For my Kaypro 4/84 I use KSAM80 and BASCOM to create programs.
    For example, I created a financial accounting, invoicing and address management with KSAM.

    So far I have not been able to find a user who has dealt with programming with the KSAM80.

    On the German specialist book market, a specialist book 'Tips Tricks Driver' KSAM80 was published by IWT Verlag in 1984, using the example of Nixdorf 8810. I have the book.

    Unfortunately my original KSAM80 documents and floppy disks were accidentally disposed of by another person.

    Does anyone have any information.


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    here is some information about KSAM80.

    KSAM80 was created by Efficient Management Systems, Inc?
    Works on every computer with CP / M 2.2.

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