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Thread: ISC Intercolor 8001

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    Default ISC Intercolor 8001

    Does anyone have a running Intercolor?

    I am just about to drag one out of storage to see if it works, so any help will be appreciated 🙄

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    Check out this thread for a working color Intercolor terminal:

    That thread was about Tektronix 4027 compatibility.

    I've recently been working on my Tektronix 4041 GPIB Controller, and with a Tektronix program called EZ-TEST, which requires 4105 or 4107 color terminal compatibility.

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    Hello Monty,

    My Intercolor is larger and I suspect older than the photo on this thread.

    I remember having my trip to the Budapest Academy of Science being delayed for 6 months by the US military because the Tektronix display was barred at the time from being shipped to Iron Curtain countries. It was OK to ship the PDP 11 part of the Mass Spectrometry Data Acquisition System but not it’s Tektronix display. NB. I did not meet him but Professor Rubik the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube had an office in the corridor where the Mass Spectrometry department was located.

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    Here is a video of my intecolor 2427 running

    Do you have any manuals for your terminal? Pictures? Mine only took a good cleaning and some wire wiggling to get mostly working.

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    My ISC is an 8052.

    Here are some pictures:-



    NB. I don’t think I have any documentation but I have not had time to check.

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    Wow! The presence of the floppy drives appears to indicate you have the 8080 computer version of the Intecolor!

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    Is that
    1) good
    2) bad
    3) unusual

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    I would say that is good as it sounds like you have a Compucolor computer from the 1970's or early 1980's:

    a little more searching found that due to the micro floppy drives in your photo, it may be an Intecolor 3600 prototype using the original ISC monitor and a prototype computer with the 3.5" drives.

    The first Intecolor computers with Micro drives appeared to be the 3600 series:

    Lots of docs on this site:
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    The keyboard has no base as I assume it was mounted in a control panel.

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    I have a manual for a Colortrend 427; not the same I suppose, despite the '427'?


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