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Thread: Vendex Headstart Turbo 888-XTA

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    Default Vendex Headstart Turbo 888-XTA

    Dear Forum users,

    I am Dennis Ponne, from The Netherlands, after a long search I found the base unit that started the computer world for me.

    My parents when I was young threw away my old trusty Vendex computer, but nevertheless I found one again, only no keyboard, no monitor.

    I am in need of all the jumper settings on the boards in the computer, so I can setup a VGA card in it that will override the CGA card or at least turn it off. Since I do not have the original monitor or keyboard (and don't have a CGA monitor at all, I have to improvise with a VGA card), and if somebody does and wants to sell it (even a complete system) then please pm me. But the documentation about the jumpers would be nice!

    If somebody would be so kind to make some pictures or scans of the documentation of the jumper configuration in a Vendex Headstart Turbo 888-XTA, then that would be nice!

    I have included the jumpers for the CGA board, and the dipswitches on the base-board.

    2021-01-21 12.55.38.jpg

    2021-01-21 12.55.59.jpg

    Thank you very much,


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    Well after some fiddling around, I did not have to change any jumpers to boot from the VGA card I bought.

    It boots now ��


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