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Thread: IBM 5155 and sound card 8 bit ISA

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    Default IBM 5155 and sound card 8 bit ISA

    Which sound card can I use on an IBM 5155 8 bit ISA, do you have any references?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Any old sound blaster should work, the 5155 shares the 5160 system board.

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    The quick answer:

    Sound Blaster
    Sound Blaster 1.5
    Sound Blaster 2.0
    Sound Blaster Pro
    Sound Blaster Pro 2

    ...or any card with an 8-bit ISA edge connector that claims to be compatible with the above.

    The complicated answer is that there are many more boards you can use, like a Pro Audio Spectrum 16, or even an early Sound Blaster 16, but the above list is good enough for beginners.
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    thank you for your response.


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