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Thread: Looking for some info on some old PCBs

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    Default Looking for some info on some old PCBs

    I've recently gotten a bunch of late 1960s to mid 1980s boards, most of which look to be at least vaguely computer related (and broken but that's beside the point lol), and I was curious if anyone knew anything about them. I have some guesses on some, but others I'm completely clueless on. If anyone can help identify them, I'd be grateful! Thanks!

    Pictures here:

    My guesses (or added info):

    IMG 287 to 291: Lots of broken early 1970s ICs, I'm guessing it's a simple TTL processor or something, but I could be way off. It's missing a regulator, which I'm assuming was 5 volts.

    IMG 292 and 293: I'm 99% certain this is a GE board like 305/306 is, maybe for one of their mainframes? I'm not sure, and I have no guesses as to its purpose.

    IMG 294 to 298: Maybe a drive controller or printer controller? I know the ROMs aren't covered, so if I can't find copies of them these will (probably) never work again. I have them somewhere dark as I lack EPROM stickers, and I'm hoping to attempt to preserve the contents.

    IMG 299 to 301: I'm almost positive this is a floppy controller, but I couldn't find this exact one googling their name.

    IMG 303 to 304: No idea, probably a GE too.

    IMG 305 to 306: Definitely a GE board, but I still don't know anything about it.

    IMG 307 to 309: Again, no idea. Maybe a controller card of some sort?

    IMG 310 top 313: With this one I'm pretty positive it has to do with controlling core memory, considering Telemeter Magnetics was known for that, but I'm not sure what machine it would have gone to.

    Thanks again for any help!

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    I can make some guesses on some of these, (the ISA card looks like a SASI adapter), but the resolution is far too low for me to read part numbers. Sorry.

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    307 to 309: data general board logic card by the looks of it. Not hugely familiar with DG. 310 to 313 are 60s board layout styles, core memory seems likely but it has a very low production numbers serial 994!

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    The board labelled "Telemter Magnetics" will be some sort of core memory driver board...

    The CenterPoint board is probably special hardware to allow potected floppies to be copied...

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    IMG 287 is a copy of the Atari Pong video game board
    IMG 294 is an epson printer board
    IMG 299 is an early Central Point option board
    Telemeter Magnetics was a company in LA that made stock quote systems
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    Wow! These are really cool boards, then, I guess. I kinda want to restore them now. Does Pong have a standard pinout? Is the Epson board of any use now? How could I test a core memory board, would it take specialized equipment or is it pretty easy to DIY?

    I'll probably end up selling some of these boards after I'm done repairing their damaged parts (pong has a lot of broken/missing parts, the Central Point board needs a new clock crystal, etc.) and after I finish playing around with some of them, since they're not of much use to me, although I might build a cabinet for the Pong board if I can find a monochrome CRT in bad enough cosmetic shape and keep that for myself.

    I didn't realize how bad the pictures were after they uploaded, I'll try redoing them soon. I didn't know what SASI was before this, so it's cool that I researched it.

    Out of curiosity, is there a schematic for this particular Pong board?

    Thanks for all of your help, I really appreciate it!!


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