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Thread: Brother CRT with IBM 5710

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    Default Brother CRT with IBM 5710


    Just seeking information here. I have an IBM 5170 with a color graphics monochrome 9pin card. Card number is what I think is GC-94VO. I had bought a miracle 12" black/white monochrome Mt102S monitor for it but I prefer the orange/amber look. I came across the brother CRT monitors the CT1050 and the CT1400. Question is will these work with the IBM 5170? I know they belong to the brother typewriter, but was curious if they will work with the set up I have?

    Thank you.

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    Color graphics monochrome?

    Does your card have 1501985XM on it? If so that’s an MDA card. Mono, non-graphics.

    I’ve heard the Brother CRTs are MDA/Hercules compatible, so it is very possible it will work.

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    I'm not sure to be honest. I attached some pics. I was told by the person I got the 5170 off of that it was a monochrome card.. I assumed it was CGA as it works with my miracle monitor, but im not to familiar with cards in the MDA/CGA/EGA era.. It could be an MDA card??

    No this card doesn't have that 150 number on it. I've seen that number before on other color graphics cards via google.. but can't find info regarding this card.

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    I've used my Brother CRT (CT-1500) on an MDA. Works fine. Can't say about any others.

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    I uploaded pics of my vid card.. waiting on moderation... I was looking on google.. im pretty sure it's an MDA card... but I would like to know for sure.. hopefully they'll approve it soon..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    I've used my Brother CRT (CT-1500) on an MDA. Works fine. Can't say about any others.
    Iím pretty sure this card is the cga version. It has the 9pin with a lone composite jack. Found an mda board n google and mine doesnít have the printer port or the crystal.

    So I guess the question is.. will a mda monitor work with a cga card?

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    Not with that card. That’s the IBM CGA card, and it won’t work with an MDA style monitor. There are some non-IBM cards that do though. Or you can get an MDA or Hercules (or clone) card.

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    Ok. Thank you! Thatís kinda what I thought.

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