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Thread: SuperStride 740 help

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    Recently picked up this superstride 740. I believe it's technically a mini, but if it's not, sorry for posting this in the wrong place. I know next to nothing about it apart from the small amounts of information I was able to find on the internet. Part of the mainboard was damaged quite badly from a leaky battery, but thankfully the affected traces are still somewhat intact. At this point, I'm not even sure if the system boots, but it is getting power and does show a green status LED as well as showing some sort of activity on serial port 0 (all garbage as the cisco console cable I'm using isn't correct). Once I pick up the necessary supplies to build a serial cable with the correct pinout I'll post an update. If anyone has any info, documentation, etc. for this thing please let me know. I'd like to get it up and running again.

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    One thing to look out for is that the default baudrate is an unusual 38400 baud.

    I do have manuals and system software for the predecessor Stride 4xx series -->
    Correct cabling is described there.

    But i don't know how much overlap there is with the Superstride

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    Thanks, I'll check that stuff out.


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