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Thread: Need software disks (setup) for Zenith Z-Station 433Dn

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    Default Need software disks (setup) for Zenith Z-Station 433Dn

    I recently got my hands on some Zenith Z-Station 433Dn pizzabox machine. It works but CMOS battery was discharged and it lost all the BIOS settings. It's one of these machines where setup is just a DOS program. I don't have it so I'm looking for the disks. It's likely setup from another, similar Zenith model will work as well.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I just worked on a Zenith 386 system that in order to enter CMOS you need to press CTRL-ALT-INS together. This brings up the MFM-300 monitor software. From there I could type SETUP and press ENTER to enter the CMOS. Perhaps this key combination will work with your computer?


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