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Thread: Looking for info on ELSA XHR Spectra 134 16-bit ISA card

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    Default Looking for info on ELSA XHR Spectra 134 16-bit ISA card

    So I bought some random ISA cards and one of them is this ELSA XHR Spectra 134.
    I was expecting to find info easily as ELSA is a well known brand and everything is labeled etc.
    But alas, no go, nothing to be found on this card.
    So I am hoping someone here could supply me with a little more info on this card and even better jumper settings.

    See for some pictures

    Thanks, Stefan.
    My collection of brochures :

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    The only information I can find is from an ad suggesting it is a super VGA card capable of 1280 x 1024.

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    There's a datasheet for the VDP ( HD63484CP98 ):

    Looks like it supports up to 16 bit color and up to 4096x4096 screen size. Seems like variations of the chip were used in several cards by ELSA, with the CP98 being the fastest variant.

    Software and Windows 3.x drivers:


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