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Thread: bulk DS/DD 3.5" disks

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris_nh View Post
    I've had good luck with ... I see they have a 50 pack for $19.99. I picked up a stash of disks from them a while back.
    While that is a good deal, those are used disks and 1.44mb HD disks, not DD as the OP was looking for.

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    That site has the same 50 pack of used DS/DD for $25

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    Quote Originally Posted by nullvalue View Post
    You can order them here:

    Use promo code VCFED and they're $0.85 ea
    Thank you for the heads up. 36 disks ordered and paid for.
    In a way, I'm curious as well. I've heard that 3M's media has aged worse than other formats but all I have to base on was their 24 track/Ampex VTR media suffering form stickyshed.
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    My own experience is that 3M was no better or worse in DSDD among other first-line manufacturers. I used 3M and Sony in bulk interchangeably with no customer complaints.

    However, you might be interested in my post that shows that "plugged" HD 3.5" floppies actually perform better than DD ones in some cases. my thread


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