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Thread: Floppy Drive Acting Strange

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    Default Floppy Drive Acting Strange

    I have an IBM PS2 55sx I am trying to restore. I donít have a hard drive in it yet and the floppy drive is acting strange. When I boot with DOS 5.0 the first time I look at the files on the disk with the DIR command it works fine. If I replace the disk with another disk and type DIR displays the contents of the first disk. Any ideas on what is causing this?

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    PS/2 floppy drives are notorious for going bad. If you're certain both disks are good, searching "PS/2 floppy drive repair" should bring back a ton of results, ...too many to state here.

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    Check if any of the switches inside the floppy drive are stuck or broken off (those left and right at the front). The PC may not notice a disk change in such a case.

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    Or it could be dust clogging something up. Did you notice the second time if the disk access light came on. It probably did not. The system merely referred to the data that was still in a buffer, and reported that.

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    PS/2 drives do have a "disk changed" signal. Clearly it's not making its way to the planar.


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