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Thread: Looking For Good Games For My SE/30, Especially Pirates!

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    Default Looking For Good Games For My SE/30, Especially Pirates!

    Hey all, I'm new here but don't hold that against me

    I've just got my hands on an SE/30 running System 7.5, and I was wondering if anyone knew a good source of old games for it? I'm particularly looking for "Pirates!", but the old black & white version and any information on it is really hard to come by on the internet.

    Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Oh, er...

    And by that, I mean Sid Meier's Pirates! and not "pirated games". Just thought I'd make that crystal clear.

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    You can try here, but it seems like the site often has problems:
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks a lot, I thought that site had been shut down as I tried it the other day after reading some other threads on this forum and it wasn't working at all. Seem to be up today though - I love the interface!


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