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Thread: Compucolor II help needed

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    Default Compucolor II help needed

    I've been working on getting a Compucolor II working and have run into a nasty snag.

    While working on the video/analog board I inadvertently tugged two wires from their lands and now I have no idea where they came from.

    I'm pretty sure they attached to the CRT yoke or nearby but I can't for the life of me find the broken joints.

    I have full schematics and wiring diagrams but, to me at least, they've been no help.

    If anyone has on of these beasts and is willing to pull the back cover to match me up I'd love the help.

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    Just a follow-up for those who care:

    Someone heard my pleas and emailed me pictures with the yoke pulled so I could identify where the wires went.

    I've reattached them and now the machine is close to working. Close, but not quite.

    The picture below is what I currently get on screen when it boots. The jumbled stuff is the copyright text which is all crammed together. The rest is somewhat obvious.

    I'm just not sure what adjustments I can or should make to bring the entire picture to where it belongs.

    Do any TV repair types here have suggestions?

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    It looks like the top half of the screen has 'collapsed', ie. partial vertical collapse (with possible fold-over).
    If so, some common causes are given at the following web sites. (section: ' The causes and cures to 'vertical fold-over' in a TV set')

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    We have a compucolor and although not used for some time now we had a fault like this and it was a leaking copasitor on the main board. worth a look ?. also would be nice to know if you fixed it.

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    Unfortunately this isn't fixed. The project got moved to the back burner and the machine has sat these last few years. The problem is almost certainly on the analog board controlling the TV/Monitor and not the CPU board running the computer side of things, but that's as far as I've gotten.


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