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Thread: What is Vintage?

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    Default What is Vintage?

    I'm prompted to start a thread on this prompted by Dwo Shwoon's post in the Off-Topic section. Dwo says...

    >How old should a gaming computer be to be ON-topic?

    What IS the definition of Vintage?

    I'm guessing that there is only a loose definition and the details will vary between people. For me, a "vintage" computer (game computer or otherwise) is simply anything around 20 years old or over. Anything from 19 to 5 years old is just "old". (note - old computers can also be fun)

    What are other's definition of "vintage"?

    (My apologies if this has been discussed or defined somewhere before. If so, I couldn't find it).

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    286 and older for the general forums, 386 and 486 in the designated forms.

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