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Thread: Regional discussion

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    Default Regional discussion

    I've just finished adding a bunch of forum areas for regional discussions.

    I think they'd make a perfect venue to discuss region specific activities such as pending hamfests and swap meets that might be good sources of old machines to arranging meetings of collectors within those regions.

    Feel free to use them for whatever you think is appropriate.

    Please also let me know who/where I left out (I know some obvious areas already) and if any of the regions are too general or too granular.



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    Nice initiative! I suppose time will tell which areas are more used than other or what is missing (so far no VC users in South America, Africa, Middle East or the Pacific Ocean, I suppose).

    As a comparison, we have a forum on the website I'm working with, and that forum is geographically divided into Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North, Central and South America. It deals with travel destinations though, so it doesn't reflect the users' origin as much as your forums ought to do.
    Anders Carlsson

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    The vic rocks!


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