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Thread: IBM PC XT 5160 BIOS versions

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    Quote Originally Posted by nc_mike View Post
    would that board have the latest 4/86 BIOS that supports the 101 keyboards, and if not, can the BIOS be upgraded/flashed using a diskette?
    Both questions are answered at [here].

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    I've tested with BIOS (08/16/82) on 5150 machine. (Of course IBM PC 5150/5160 emulator.)

    It works well.

    I think this BIOS is for IBM PC 5150 than 5160.

    I've run PC-Tools on 5160 machine configulation with this BIOS.

    The result is on screenshot.

    According to PC-Tools, it recognize as IBM PC (Not IBM PC XT)

    But PCTools recognize as IBM PC-XT correctly on BIOS (11/08/82)

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    Just looked at the 5160 MB that I replaced the 12v line caps on.

    This is a IBM 256 - 640 system board

    U18 = 62x0890
    U19 = 68x4370
    dated 1986 no month shown

    Chips stamped IBM

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    can I upgrade my 5160 XT (256KB board) to accept the new bios which supports 720K and 1.2mb disk drives? What is involved? Right now I have to use a card with onboard bios to utilize a 1.44 drive.


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