Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor registration for VCF PNW in 2018 has closed - we are very full! Thanks for your interest!

Where: LCM+L (Living Computers: museum + labs)
When: Load-in: February 9th, 2018, Public viewing: February 10th and 11th, Load-out: February 11th (after public viewing ends)

Exhibiting your favorite vintage computing project at the VCF Pacific Northwest can be fun and rewarding; besides sharing your work you will also meet others sharing their work and people who are enjoying the show and the museum. Here are some guidelines for how to be an exhibitor:

  • All exhibits must have a theme. Examples of themes include focusing on a single computer and its ecosystem, concentrating on how a particular piece of software influenced the industry (or more!), a timeline for an important series of events, highlighting a particular class of hardware or software, etc. What we are trying to avoid is "Here is collection of my favorite <fill in the blank>" which can be interesting, but generally not at a VCF event.
  • The majority of artifacts in your display must be up and working; we want these exhibits to be interactive and static/non-working hardware makes that more difficult. (We can make exceptions; just let us know in the ‘comments’ field of the registartion form.)
  • It is important that you have somebody at your table who can run the exhibit during the public open hours. People generally will pass by an unattended exhibit. All exhibitors will get two exhibitor badges so you can bring a helper, friend, etc. Hopefully the show will be very busy all day long, so bring snacks and drinks and be prepared to do a lot of talking.
  • Exhibits are not intended to look like a flea market or swap meet. Exhibits are strictly limited to demonstrations. If you have something that you would like to sell please use the consignment area. Follow this link to find out how to use the consignment area: VCF Consignment FAQ and Forms

Additional information:

  • We are expecting that having an exhibitor table at VCF PNW will cost $40 per table; the final price will be known before January. Each table includes one VCF PNW T-shirt and two exhibitor passes. Chairs, power, and WiFi are provided by the museum. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit with a limited budget and we know your budget is limited too. While asking you to pay to show your gear seems strange, keep in mind that the organization is incurring significant expenses to make this happen. (If the exhibitor fee is a barrier to you please contact us and we will work you.)
  • LCM+L museum admission is free for exhibitors during the days of the show. Bring a helper so you can take advantage of this!
  • Exhibitor tables are either 72x18 inches or 72x36 inches. We have a limited number of the wider tables so if you can get by with the narrow table please let us know.
  • We encourage all exhibitors to also bring relevant articles, books, literature, posters, signs, etc.
  • Further details on load-in time, load-out time, food options, etc. will be sent closer to show time.
  • Have a question? Email us and ask! We want to work with you to make your exhibit great, and to have a great show.

Please direct any questions to Michael Brutman (michael@vcfed.org)


  • All fields are required except for "Additional Comments."
  • We will not share your contact information.
  • Your email address will be used for VCF PNW planning purposes.
  • T-shirt sizes are US sizes and unisex.
  • When in doubt, email us and ask - we want to help!
Event Location: VCF Pacific Northwest 2018
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