Okay, time to test this thing and see what's up.

As mentioned earlier, this thing comes with a mini-CD--but don't expect much. You get English and Chinese versions of the somewhat cryptic manual and a couple of software programs in RAR archives.

No installation routines; you have to figure that out all by yourself. No wonder they don't sell many of these.

The format is fixed at 18 512-byte sectors per track on 80 tracks, with sectors numbered from 1 to 18. While a format operation is accepted, it's not possible to alter the sector length or ID. If a low-density (720K) format is attempted, it won't work--you get a "sector not found". Likewise, if you try to format FM sectors, it won't work.

The USB stick appears not to have any file system on it--it's just treated as 100 1.44M blocks of data. So you can get stuff onto the USB stick by copying to it by doing a disk-to-disk copy or copying an image to the physical USB drive using DD in Linux/Unix.

So, strictly speaking, you don't need the Windows programs supplied.

Time to dig a little deeper.