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Yep. Mine is a Teac, and it has a SCSI-floppy adapter board on the mounting frame.

I think my drive came from a Tektronix machine. I used it with my Amiga.

Phil: Would the SCSI-floppy board be of use to you (you could use any 5-1/4" drive with it)? I may have one that came from a 3-1/2" drive, that I can find sooner than the other drive.
One reason that SCSI floppies aren't as useful as ordinary legacy floppies is that SCSI, by its very nature is oriented toward logical block (LBA) addressing and pretty much assumes that one track on a floppy looks like the next. Getting "interesting" formats is difficult and sometimes impossible. E.g., LS120 drives and USB floppies.