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You mean besides them getting cheaper and crappier? I'll take a LaserJet 4, 5, or 4000 series any day. I keep saying I want to be able to buy a $300 inkjet printer. No, I don't want one with bells and whistles and stupid features like an all-in-one. I just want a plain stupid inkjet printer that I can pay $300 for. The quality will be good, the manufacturer won't have to rape me the cost of an ink cartridge, and you can actually get parts and fix it when it breaks...and print drivers are available for new operating system versions for at least 20 years.
Well, as for the Pantum, read the reviews and note the number of DOA/dOA (dead/defective) .

I've got a couple of $100 Brother HL-5000-series scattered around, and I can't complain. I've been through a few cartridges (easy to refill if you want to). I've had 'em for years with no problems and fine print quality. I reserve the big Xerox DocuPrint for special use (duplex/11x17 etc.)

They really are inexpensive to operate. I run mine from Linksys USB-to-WiFi printer adapters that I was given. Works on both Linux and Windows flawlessly.