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Massive vintage computer rescue, finally sorted out...

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    Massive vintage computer rescue, finally sorted out...

    I've finally reached a point where I can begin to "rehome" the rescue I did last summer. I've got two storage units worth of vintage machines that need new homes. Some of the stuff I'm going to sell, some will be given away. The sticking point with the majority of it is that it's impractical (for the most part) to ship.

    The systems range from Apple II stuff (lots of cards) to S-100 systems, a couple of PDP-11/03 chassis, a couple of PDP-8A chassis with boards, a Nova 2, a Nova 3 front panel, quite a few TRS-80 Model Is (last count I think there were 9 of them), a Model 4, a 4P, a couple of Franklin Ace 1200s, some Commodore 64s, a couple of Mindset systems (and a Mindset drawing tablet!). Some of the things I'm going to hang on to for my own use, but the majority of it needs to find a new home. If you're within "road trip" distance of Graham, WA and would like to sift through what I've collected, you're welcome to reach out to me either via DM or via email at I'm not trying to get maximum dollar out of this stuff - I'd much rather it go to a good home and not just get flipped - in fact, if you're a flipper please don't contact me. You'll just get angry when I clock you with an IBM 3279 keyboard.

    I'm also looking to get a valuation on an Electronic Arts "SPROBE" Sega Genesis development system, a prototype Atari 5200, and an Atari 1400XL. If any of those systems are in your wheelhouse, please contact me.

    Thanks all!


    Proud owner of 80-0007 - The only one of its kind.

    I would be more than willing to pitch in since the May long weekend is coming up and you aren't too far away, however COVID border restrictions are still in effect and nobody can cross the border right now.
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      Hmm, I could be interested in anything IBM you have in there, and I've been considering finding a Commodore 64 at some point. You're within driving distance from me, but it's a 14 hour drive, so I'd probably want some more details/pictures before venturing that far.

      IBM 5160 - 360k, 1.44Mb Floppies, NEC V20, 8087-3, 45MB MFM Hard Drive, Vega 7 Graphics, IBM 5154 Monitor running MS-DOS 5.00
      IBM PCJr Model 48360 640kb RAM, NEC V20,, jrIDE Side Cart, 360kb Floppy drives running MS-DOS 5.00
      Evergreen Am5x86-133 64Mb Ram, 8gb HDD, SB16 in a modified ATX case running IBM PC-DOS 7.10


        I've got some C-64s. I've got a 5150 and a 5160, but I need to hang on to those for a while. I've also got a few PC Jrs. There's also a punched card reader an some kind of IBM terminal concentrator.

        Proud owner of 80-0007 - The only one of its kind.


          If you'd think about shipping anything, sounds like there's some stuff I'd definitely be interested in for my collection. Shame I'm on the opposite coast


            Originally posted by RadRacer203 View Post
            If you'd think about shipping anything, sounds like there's some stuff I'd definitely be interested in for my collection. Shame I'm on the opposite coast
            Same here, I'm in Ohio so too far to drive. I have a personal Magitronic XT clone that needs some parts (8bit cards, original IBM keyboard, floppy drives) and I'm always looking to add to my Tandy collection. I have not owned a TRS-80 Model I since 1987 and would be a hoot to have another one to show my kids what "real" computing was like.


              I'd kill for the Atari 1400xl, so keep me away from the IBM 3279 keyboard.

              Actually I really think that needs to go to a museum (like VCF).


                A computer like the 1400XL should go to someone that will actually use it, and not be forever untouchable in a museum of dead objects.

                Proud owner of 80-0007
       - The only one of its kind.


                  When would you be starting this sale out of curiosity? I'm down in California but it's been a while since I've had a good road trip, and I might be willing to go if I can plan around a specific date.


                    Originally posted by SunSpotter View Post
                    When would you be starting this sale out of curiosity? I'm down in California but it's been a while since I've had a good road trip, and I might be willing to go if I can plan around a specific date.
                    Right now. Saturdays are the best days for me - if you're looking for something specific, PM or email me at geneb at - I'd hate to have you drive all the way up here and not find what you were looking for.

                    Other non-S100 stuff:
                    Cromemco C-10 Computer w/2 floppy drives
                    Two SWTPC chassis (different models apparently), and a 40 column SWTPC printer.
                    OSI Challenger 4P w/disk drive
                    OSI Model 600
                    GIMIX 6809 (has a a few SS50 cards and some SS30 cards) system in a 2/drive enclosure.
                    Two H-19 terminals (one has been recapped but needs additional repairs, one hasn't been evaluated)
                    1 28 RO teletype
                    1 28 KSR teletype
                    1 33 ASR teletype (no top cover)
                    Altos 68000 system in a desktop case. Includes a big box of serial cables for terminals as well as an additional 8" drive controller. System has a hard disk but doesn't boot from it.
                    1 PMC-80
                    1 PMC-81
                    1 SpectraVideo 328 with a missing key, damaged key post, and no power cable.
                    Two Osborne 1 machines - 1 with a double density board and one that is of an unknown configuration - the crt displays no picture, but behaves as if it's trying to boot if you hit a key around the time it would normally prompt you for one.
                    1 Compaq Portable - no signs of life, so likely needs the power supply looked at.
                    1 Kaypro 16 - no signs of life, so likely needs the power supply looked at.
                    1 Kaypro 1 - shows some garbage on the screen.

                    There's also a couple of Mindset systems, one is in a branded cloth carry bag. I've got docs & media for those as well as a Mindset graphics tablet. No branded monitor for it though.



                    Proud owner of 80-0007
           - The only one of its kind.