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Network Solutions: "Alert: Keep Your Domain Active"

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    Network Solutions: "Alert: Keep Your Domain Active"

    First of all, I apologize if this is a bit too off topic, but if it is, just point me to a better place to discuss/ask about this and I will move on. Apparently my google-fu isn't what it used to be.

    So obviously I have a web site domain, and a looong time ago I registered it through Network Solutions. Over all, things have been OK. The other day I happened to log in and they were making a big deal about two factor authentication (which most of the time means: you have to go buy a smart phone and cell service just so you can receive insecure texts from us, which is a problem because I don't own a smart phone and don't need one). Although it let me continue without enabling 2FA, it did "verify" my phone number - surprisingly it actually sent an automated voice call with a code. Works for me.

    But this morning I get this odd sounding e-mail:

    Alert: Keep Your Domain Active
    From: Network Solutions <>

    Confirm Email Address

    Dear [******],

    This is in regards to the following account:

    Email Address: [*******]
    Phone Number: [********]
    Address: [******hell**********]

    Network Solutions is now required by ICANN (the regulating body for domain
    registrations) to have all domain owners confirm their email address contact information or
    their domains will be deactivated. If your domains are deactivated you will still own the
    domains but you will not be able to have live websites until you verify your contact
    information. If you wish to view the list of domains subject to verification, please login to
    Account Manager.

    To ensure your domains remain active, please click the CONFIRM button below to
    confirm the email address we have for you is accurate.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact customer service at 1-866-507-1946.

    Best Regards,
    Network Solutions® Customer Support

    Need Assistance?

    Call: 1-866-507-1946

    Hours: 7:00 a.m. - Midnight ET, 7 days a week

    I don't have a problem with them "verifying" my e-mail address. Given I had verified my phone number recently, this seemed not too suspicions, but the way it is worded is almost typical of a scam, trying to scare people. So, I'll be on the safe side and check a bit further.

    So, first check the headers: The e-mail server reports it was received as "Received: from ([]:45138 )". That host name looks suspicious has heck, but I logged in to my account and had it send a legitimate e-mail, and that has the exact same header from the exact same IP! Older e-mails from a year or so ago actually originated directly from the domain.

    Very fishy. Trying to search google for any relation between and shows nothing specific, but there were few hints of a relationship.

    Ok, so how about I just do a search for other people who have gotten this e-mail. Well, a couple of hits but on sites that I don't really consider "authoritative" in any way. Mixed results if this is legit or not.

    How about just a site search on about varying e-mails or something like this? Not a damn thing on their site! The "right" way to do this would be for me to log in on their site, click a button to "verify e-mail", received the e-mail, then enter a code on their site or open a validation URL to their site. But there is nothing like this at all!

    Ok, so what about the actual "confirm" URL in the e-mail? Well, because they use HTML formatting, my e-mail client actually barfed on it, but the URL was to with a long string after it, apparently an "encrypted" code of some kind. Well, ok that is their site, but if that is one of those redirectors that can point anywhere...

    Eh, what the hell. It will probably sign me up for more spam (meh, bring it on, I get plenty already) I took some precautions in case it case it pointed to malware or a fake web site.

    See the attached screen shot. The links seem to be legit, but didn't push any further. Who the hell is ""? Once again, a web search turns up nothing useful.


    At any rate, if this was legit, then it is a whole pile of massive fails. I'm still left with absolutely no clue as to what is going on.

    It's a phishing scam. has nothing to do with NS. In fact, it rates a 1% trust rating from at least one rating site.

    I still periodically get regular mail (paper) invoices for fees to renew my domains. Of course, in fine print, this also transfers my domains to a different registrar.


      I've been getting similar emails from GoDaddy for years (at which I have a couple of sites registered) and just ignore them.


        Sounds like a scam, but if you want to make sure, go to their web site, call the phone number off of their website, and get everything cleared up. Just ignore the stuff in the email.


          Apparently, belongs to NS and appears to be legitimate.


            Since domain registrar information is public record, anyone can troll around on it and harvest contact information, and do. There are slimy companies which all they do all day long is troll domain registration renewals or new records and either try to scam, spam or sell unnecessary services. The most common unnecessary service is "SEO" or search engine optimization, where they'll spam search engines to get your website higher up in the search rankings. They all usually try to impersonate the registrar you have your domains with, or at least make themselves look like a legitimate partner or third party company when doing so.

            There are registrars which have domain privacy options that obscure the domain contact information with their own, so that people can't see your contact info directly. Some registrars like Godaddy charge for this service, but others have it included in the cost of the domain registration. I've started switching my domains to namecheap because Godaddy has turned into nickel and dime hell. They used to provide all sorts of things for free, like a one page website or free email hosting, but all of that costs money now, and their base domain rate keeps inching up every year.

            Though there are some TLDs which by policy you can't use domain privacy on, .in being one for instance (I have one .in domain.)


              You do business in India?


                Originally posted by GiGaBiTe View Post
                There are registrars which have domain privacy options that obscure the domain contact information with their own, so that people can't see your contact info directly. Some registrars like Godaddy charge for this service, but others have it included in the cost of the domain registration. I've started switching my domains to namecheap because Godaddy has turned into nickel and dime hell. They used to provide all sorts of things for free, like a one page website or free email hosting, but all of that costs money now, and their base domain rate keeps inching up every year.
                Yep, GoDaddy has turned to crap. Been with them for over 10 years. I'm going to switch soon too.


                  There are plenty of good inexpensive registrars out there. I wonder if NS keeps their customer base mostly because of inertia.


                    Originally posted by Chuck(G) View Post
                    You do business in India?
                    Nope, just wanted a .in domain for a domain hack.


                      Ah, sort of like all those old .nu TLD domains. Strange case stands for the island nation of Niue, but is controlled by Sweden, over the objection of the government of Niue. Strange situation, that.


                        No. A domain hack is where you use the TLD and/or SLD as part of the name. An example would be, or


                          Exactly so--the .nu TLD is prized by Swedes and Danes particularly because in the respective languages, "nu" means "now". Nuiean businesses prefer the .au TLD.