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Omni II Logic Analyzer/Computer

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    Omni II Logic Analyzer/Computer

    I acquired a very interesting Kaypro yesterday and “Omni II Logic Analyzer/Computer” is labeled on both sides.

    Not much information about it is available on the Web. However, I did manage to locate a brief New Product intro that appeared on Oct 1983 edition of Microcomputing magazine.“A Dual-Purpose Portable---The Omni II, from OmniLogic, Inc. (Renton, WA), is designed to integrate the utility of a timing/state logic analyzer with a full-function CP/M microcomputer—all in a portable 27-pound package. “

    Since I do not have the manual or the software, I could not get pass the insert disk after booting. However, the magazine brief says that “Upon being powered-up, the Omni II does an automatic self-check of its internal circuitry. The set-up page will then appear, allowing configuration of the machine for data collection.” I assumed that the EPROM had the software to get to this point, but it did not work.

    Obviously, I had to open it up and look inside and what I found is a Kaypro 4 with two additional boards. A logic analyzer board is mounted under the main Kaypro logic board (PC81-240A) that connects via a ribbon cable to a CPU board which plugs to the Z-80 CPU socket. There are two EPROM chips Labeled: (OMNI II /CPU 32/7-30-83) and (OMNI 2/CHAR 2/8-23-84).

    If you have the manual or the disks, please contact me. I will pay $$ for copies or the originals...

    Originally posted by Seatown View Post
    I acquired a very interesting Kaypro yesterday and “Omni II Logic Analyzer/Computer” is labeled on both sides.
    If you have the manual or the disks, please contact me. I will pay $$ for copies or the originals...
    You may want to check out this project and contact the author, he recently restored the floppy image for one of these LogicAnalyzer-com-Kaypro. (He might also have a manual, not sure)

    Good luck and have fun retrocomputing!


      Hello Seatown;
      Had you any luck locating ANY system disks? I recently became the proud owner of a Onmi II as well and wondered if you've had any luck locating the CP/M system disk that must have accompanied this machine...
      I would also be interested in those...Thanks.

      W1ARQ Howard


        Have you tried the Omni IV boot disk located at the hackaday site? He claims he finally extracted the whole thing.
        Reach me: vcfblackhole _at_ protonmail dot com.


          I've downloaded that OMNI4FIN.IMD and had a look at it. I find there is one directory entry for 0x03EMO.lap that should be
          some other character to make it valid. I used "Z" as the first Character and edited the image with hexedit. Also there is a
          lowercase file promtest.1 and a PROMTEST.2 file. promtest.1 will not extract with cpmtools, but if I change it to PROMTEST.1
          it extracts properly.

          The source files do appear to be correct.

          I'll try to get the files archived and uploaded.

          cpmls -f kay2 -D OMNI4FIN.RAW
          Name Bytes Recs Attr update create
          ------------ ------ ------ ---- ----------------- -----------------
          BS .LAD 8K 62
          D .COM 4K 24
          DEMO .LAP 8K 49
          DUTIL .COM 24K 184
          FF55 .LAP 8K 50
          JEFF .LAD 8K 62
          K2XBOOT . 8K 64
          K2XCHAR . 4K 32
          LA .COM 34K 264
          LA .LAO 28K 224
          LA1 .LAH 36K 285
          LA2 .LAH 46K 358
          MASMENU .COM 18K 132
          MASMENU .DAT 2K 16
          PAUSE .COM 2K 1
          PG .COM 32K 250
          PIP .COM 8K 58
          POINT9 .LAD 4K 22
          POLL0 .LAD 8K 62
          PROG .COM 6K 34
          PROMTEST. 8K 64
          PROMTEST.1 4K 32
          PROMTEST.2 4K 32
          S1 .LAS 2K 1
          STARDNLD.COM 2K 1
          TEST .LAP 8K 50
          Z80 .LAM 2K 11
          Z80 .Z80 36K 285
          ZEMO .LAP 8K 50
          29 Files occupying 370K, 28K Free.

          Last edited by ldkraemer; January 17, 2018, 08:00 AM.


            Try "X"...
            I found a reference to a directory entry as "DEMO LAX" (in typical CP/M 2.2 8x3 dir format) I'm thinking it's a saved file from a analyzer session....just a thought
            And thanks oodles for yanking these files from the .IMD, I couldn't get the ol' 386 to behave when I was trying the look the IMD over.

            W1ARQ Howard


              howdy all...
              the strange thought crossed my mind that the Omni4 could very possibly be identical to the II... except for being in an older Kaypro model. In which case the software I extracted from the 4 might work on the II!
              Would be great to have some comparison photos of the logic analyzer board from a II. Also, some of the chip markings on my 4 are unreadable, so this might be the ticket.
              As I recall i was able to cpmls using various formats, but cpmcp gave garbage in most cases... mixing up data from different files. I think the proper -f option turned out to be kpiv, despite the Omni4's use of a kaypro2x.
              computer-access has been limited, but if I get a chance I could diff your extracted files with those I transferred via Nice work, btw.
              As I recall, is loaded immediately on boot, but it's just a menu which calls .lah files are help files, plaintext


                I'd be really curious to see photos of the OMNI2 logic analyzer board, to compare with that in my Omni4!


                  The board I have is VERY similar to yours, probably identical. Only problem is 90% of the chips have had the names deliberately ground off - I believe in an effort to thwart pirating (not a big deal in the eighties IMHO, but you know paranoia, it can sneak up on anybody!)
                  So I am bummed because I won't be able to figure out what ports do what (there are 2 8255's so that means there is at least 6 8 bit ports. I would also like to find some probes for mine or make them if I can find tech info on them. I have two Nicolet 700's that have probes, I wonder if those could be "borrowed".... thinking out loud...

                  W1ARQ Howard
                  Attached Files


                    Wow--that's the worst case of "we don't want to tell you about any of our chips" that I've ever seen!

                    That also means "we don't want to you even think about repairing this--we'll be around forever, after all!"

                    Reach me: vcfblackhole _at_ protonmail dot com.


                      As I recall, I documented the pods... not *extensively*, but shouldn't be hard to recreate... a 7404 and 74244, as I recall... lemme know if there's not enough info.


                        Hmm, I'm pretty sure I wrote a thank you, Howard... I think you're right, the boards look identical. have you been able to try Lacking pods, it should still run the self-test.