Hey all!

I recently picked up an IBM P70 and am currently in the process of cleaning and restoring it. The seller had photos of it functioning and going into IBM BASIC. Once I got it home it's giving me the usual one long beep followed by two short beeps. I've done a good bit of reading and it seems this is a common issue that can be rectified in a few ways including reseating the video card and/or replacing capacitors on the card.

I've stripped the machine completely apart in order to clean it up and do any minor or major repairs. I'm going to recap the floppy drive as it is definitely showing the dreaded leaky cap issue (it's an ALPS as well, so yeah). I also think I should recap the rest of the machine while I'm at it. Just the electrolytics for now.

Here's where I'm stuck: I cannot ID two caps on the motherboard. For whatever reason they are missing their labels. I don't want to assume voltages or values so I'm hoping someone who has a machine to compare it to can help out and tell me what value these caps are. You'll find attached two photos of the areas where I don't know the values.

Thanks very much to anyone who can help!
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