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Browser for Windows 3.11

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    Browser for Windows 3.11

    OK, what's the "best" browser for WFW 3.11? I tried IE 5.01 and NS 4.07. I don't think I found a single site that rendered properly.

    Any opinions?


    I really haven't tried to get my 486 in net yet, but have you tried early versions of Mozilla?
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      4.08 was the end of the line for Win3.1. Guess you could try 4.08 instead of 4.07. Unlikely much will improve.


        There is also Opera 3.62, but someone wrote it is horrible on Windows 3.11. YMMV, it may be worth checking out.

        Elsewhere the OffByOne web browser was mentioned, but it seems not available in a 16 bit version?

        Anyway, doesn't Windows for Workgroups run 32-bit code as well? I seem to remember it is different than the regular Windows 3.1 in this matter, or perhaps I've been dreaming. Would installing Win32s allow any newer browser (i.e. Firefoxes) to run?
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        Anders Carlsson


          That's true. You could install win32s addon and try later 32 bit version of Netscape.


            I checked the list of compatible software for win32s. It didn't list netscape but I'll try it. IE 5.5 is listed as not working.

            I do have win32s installed. Gotta have my freecell.


              IE 5 works ok if the cpu can handle the load under Win 3.1 (I tried it on a 386 and it was too slow).

              Netscape tends to just blow up when in use for some reason.
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                Years ago I used to use "Arachne" under dos, a few boxes to fill in, so not totally plug & play but it was good & it should work with 3.11, There was also the "Mosaic" browser, but I never got to use that. (perhaps I should have!).
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                  I think the problem is that many web sites today have a CSS driven layout, DOM and JS, even Flash which certainly is a big problem on 16-bit Windows if the Flash Player is too outdated. What you would want is a modern browser which can handle all the CSS and other stuff, but compiled to run on Windows 3.x. Even with browsers you can compile yourself, I suppose it isn't quite that easy to get a working 16-bit binary.
                  Anders Carlsson


                    carlsson nailed it. Its the java and flash thats the killer. Flash you can do without, any website that relies on it isn't worth going to anyway, but you're going to need at least CSS and java for a "normal" experience. The older browsers like Netscape 1.0, Cello, etc. won't do it.

                    nige the hippy's suggestion of Arachne is perhaps not so bad. I see it it still out there and has a following. I regularly use a minimal browser called DILLO. It only does text and pictures, but it also doesn't choke on anything. Apparently there is a version for Windows but it is said to be somewhat unstable. It still might be worth a try.
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                      Dillo is great fun! In a masochistic kind of way


                        I'm sure there are tens of thousands of web developers out there who think "any user who is stuck with old Windows on a 486 isn't worth bothering about anyway". Actually many may consider people stuck with MSIE 6.0 on Windows 98 out of their target group, but in that case at least there are some decent alternatives.

                        Occasionally I'm using the Links browser in text mode. It actually handles most sites just fine, I can even place bids on eBay although I'd hesitate to go through PayPal without a full-fledged, graphical browser. Actually the Vintage Computer Forum is one of few web sites I'd rather not surf with a text only browser. For some reason I find vBulletin based forums a bit too complex for text browsing. On the other hand phpBB based ones are very easy to traverse.
                        Anders Carlsson


                          Originally posted by chuckcmagee View Post
                          Dillo is great fun! In a masochistic kind of way
                          Not to start an arument here but whats masochistic about it? I use it for browsing sites with heavy java script, like media sites. The reason I do this is so that I don't have to suffer! All I want to do is read the d*** story, and not have to wait for all kinds of "clever" (by half) coding to finish. It certainly makes my life easier. Yes Firefox can do that, just not very well in my experience.
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                            Originally posted by nige the hippy View Post
                            ......There was also the "Mosaic" browser, but I never got to use that. (perhaps I should have!).
                            Mosaic did not conform to what eventually became html 2, H1 reversed with H5 for example.

                            It's more than I would be willing to tackle, but I think the trick would be to write a CSS/html 4 addon to the browser of choice, like Netscape 3.
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