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Tektronix 4051 / 4052 / 4052A / 4054 / 4054A Program Archives

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    I have just created a new folder on my Tektronix 4050 Program github repository for the CAD_D1 files, including the abstract for the programs on this disk and the full user documentation for all the programs.

    The files captured so far are from the Drafting program. I haven't quite figured out how to capture the PDB example files yet.

    I also created a SCREENSHOT folder for CAD_D1 and uploaded the picture in my last post and BARLV - which is an engineering drawing of two aluminum bars.

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      Tekniques Vol. 7 No. 1 Disk D1 062-6715-01 now posted on my github repository

      I have just uploaded my complete capture of the Tekniques Vol. 7 No. 1 Disk D1 062-6715-01 that I received on loan from the Living Computers Museum in Seattle - to my Tektronix 4050 github repository for programs.

      This is my first recovery and post of a Tektronix 4050 floppy disk program!

      My post includes the BASIC program files - converted from floppy disk binary program images into ASCII by "OLD"ing each of the programs into my 4054A, then SAVE@40: to send the program to my attached PC.

      Also included is a complete backup of the floppy disk to tape - using a 4907 to Tape BACKUP program that is on this disk!

      I then used my Complete Tape Backup to PC program - which requires the TransEra SuperUtilities ROM pack to do tape sector by sector reads - convert binary to ASCII HEX characters, and includes the tape file headers.
      The resulting "dump" file is also in this folder, along with the Museum's scan of the original documentation, and I included the two page abstract of all the programs from that Tekniques newsletter.



        Tektronix 4050 Series Application Library ---- CAD_D1 062-5977-01

        Now I have uploaded the second Tektronix floppy disk I got from the Museum: This time the entire contents of the CAD Disk D1.

        Here is a link to that folder on my Tektronix 4050 Program repository on github:

        This floppy disk took two tapes for the BACKUP - so there are two tape dump files posted in this folder.

        I also posted the ASCII versions of the programs, and the complete documentation.



          New Upload - Tektronix 4050 - Programming Aids T1 062-5971-01

          I had to modify my tape dump program to properly recover all the files on this tape from the Living Computers Museum.
          Previous tapes were ok - because the tape file size was MARKed at least one 256 byte block longer than needed.
          This tape had most of the files marked only big enough to save the data- so the last couple of program lines weren't written to tape by my tape dump program.
          The bug I fixed was to always write the last block of data in a file before opening the next one.

          I found this issue when I tried to run the FORTRAN to BASIC converter program on this tape. I will be separately posting my experience with that program after I create the sample FORTRAN program to try to convert. This program requires the external 4924 tape drive, although last night I found a Tekniques "Program Update" indicating how to modify that program to run using only the internal tape drive.

          Here is the link to the new Programming Aids Tape T1 folder on my Tektronix 4050 program github repository:

          This time I posted not only the BASIC program files but also my ASCII HEX encoding of the Binary Data files.
          Also includes complete user documentation scans done by the Living Computers Museum.

          Here is a screenshot of the MENU program on this tape:

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            Tektronix 4051 (only) Music Program

            This program was on one of the old tapes that I recovered and uses the 4051 BASIC CALL "EXEC" command to play music in Motorola 6800 assembly code on the internal speaker.

            This program READs the selected music DATA statements into a string variable and then passes that string along with the assembly program to play music.

            The 4052 and 4054 computer BASIC did not include the CALL "EXEC" command as they were not binary compatible with the 6800.

            The 4052A and 4054A computer BASIC added a slightly different CALL "EXEC" command, and the A-series Assembly program I already posted can assemble source programs that run on only 4052A and 4054A computers

            Another way to play music on the 4052/4054 and 4052A/4054A is with the Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack which also includes the ability to play MUSIC on the internal speaker as described in my post on that ROM pack.

            Here is a screenshot of the 405x Emulator running the program - although the emulator does not emulate the 4051 speaker and just plays "beep" tones.

            So this program will only play music on the 4051 computer.
            Here is the github link to the MUSIC program files and DAT files:


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              New uploads - 4050R12 Graphics Enhancement Demo Tape files!

              I just added the complete set of ASCII programs and ASCII data files from the 4050R12 Graphics Enhancement Demo Tape to my github site:


              This folder had some standalone BASIC programs I wrote to demonstrate a couple of the files - that can run on any 4050 including the 405x Emulator.

              However - the files that start with a number will require the 4050R12 Graphics Enhancement ROM cartridge.


              The last file on that tape is a different MUSIC program than the one for the 4051 - this program runs on a 4051, 4052 or 4054 that has the correct 4051 or 4052/4054 R12 Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack.

              I believe the music data statements may be compatible with the 4051 CALL "EXEC" version of the MUSIC program - but I don't have a 4051 to test that theory.

              This MUSIC program does include a lot more music tunes - including a lot of Christmas tunes!

              Here is a list of the Music tunes embedded in this program:

              "FULL MUSICAL SCALE"
              "WELLINGTON'S VICTORY"
              "JESU, JOY OF MANS DESIRING"
              "MY HIELAND LASSIE"
              "RAGHUPATI (HINDU SONG)"
              "J.S.BACH'S GOLDBERG NUMBER 8"
              "J.S.BACH'S TOCCATA NUMBER 6"
              "ARMY SONG (CAISSON SONG)"
              "STAR-SPANGLED BANNER"
              "SKIP TO MY LOU"
              "THIS OLD MAN"
              "JINGLE BELLS"
              "SILENT NIGHT"
              "WHAT CHILD IS THIS?"
              "JOY TO THE WORLD"
              "OH COME OH COME EMMANUEL"
              "OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL"
              "THE FIRST NOEL"
              "WE THREE KINGS"
              "DECK THE HALLS"
              "AWAY IN A MANGER"



                I have found a way to have a universal file format that works with both the 405x emulator AND the 4051/4052/4054 computers.

                The emulator was designed to handle 4051 programs that used the Tektronix BASIC control characters in PRINT statements, where the program was captured using the serial interface.

                These captured programs - including all my early captures replaced ASCII control characters (ASCII values less than 32) with a letter followed by the backspace ASCII character followed by underscore character.
                When this sequence is detected by the 405x emulator - it replaces those three characters with the control character ASCII value of the letter minus 64.

                My new capture technique captures all the original control characters.

                However - if the original program includes the linefeed control character (used in the PRINT statement to produce a new line), text editor programs like Notepad++ put the LF character on a new line and attempting to "OLD" that program into memory stops at the first linefeed.

                My solution is to use Notepad++ to replace the LF control character with the US control character which also causes Tektronix BASIC to print a new line. I saw the use of US characters instead of LF control characters in several of the latest programs I recovered.

                I plan to go through my entire set of recovered 4050 programs on github and change them to the universal format instead of having to save two different formats for each program - one for the 405x emulator and a separate one for the actual computers.


                  Tektronix 4050 - STAR TREK Game with Graphics!!

                  As I have been looking at my old Tektronix 4050 file captures - I found one of my tape captures with the file header title of "STARTREK", marked file size of 59904 bytes, and a tape label of "4907 backup"

                  I previously posted this file almost exactly one year ago on my Tektronix 4050 program repository in the Games folder as "StarTrek-UDK-Required", because the program only worked with the User Definable keys.

                  I spent some time playing it with the 405x emulator and it had some misspellings and playability issues.

                  I began editing this program to correct the misspellings, playability issues AND to add the ability to select UDK or single character command keys.
                  I also added a small menu with all the UDKs and Command characters (underlined characters in the menu), and then loaded the program into my 4054A - and of course, the program failed to load because of the Control Character, backspace, underscore that the emulator handled to play the programs previously recovered over serial port.

                  I removed all those and replaced them with the Tek BASIC control characters and had a blast playing the game on the big 19" screen.

                  I then decided to 'fix' the emulator to run the same "universal" file as the computers - and was successful by only commenting out a couple of lines of javascript code in the main HTML file.

                  I have posted my updated "UNIVERSAL" emulator file on my github site:

                  And posted the updated Star Trek Graphics in universal format in the Games folder on my repository:

                  Here are some UNIVERSAL emulator screenshots of the updated game:

                  You can see the one letter text commands in the next screenshot. Tek BASIC defaults to handling upper or lower case characters as equals by default.

                  My fixes to the program included making sure the text stayed on the left side of the screen and didn't interfere with the Short Range and Long Range scans.

                  I really like the graphical Galaxy chart, that even shows the progress of your ship:

                  Here is a photo taken on my 4054A running the program:

                  Here is my progress on the 4054A - I actually won the this game:

                  Next, I want to try to show the 'track' of the phaser and torpedo shots at the Klingons.
                  I would like to do that with refresh graphics - although that might not be compatible with the 4051 and 4052 computers.

                  Enjoy!! I'm having fun!!


                    Hi Monty,

                    >>> Enjoy!! I'm having fun!!

                    I can see you are !

                    I will have to give this a go when I get some spare time - probably next year !



                      Originally posted by daver2 View Post
                      Hi Monty,

                      >>> Enjoy!! I'm having fun!!

                      I can see you are !

                      I will have to give this a go when I get some spare time - probably next year !


                      Good to hear from you again!

                      I'll just keep plugging along, recovering more programs and having fun running them!



                        Tektronix 4050 - MUSIC format

                        I just uploaded instructions for the Tektronix R12 ROM Pack MUSIC commands - six pages out of the R12 Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack manual that seem similar, but may be a superset of the 4051 CALL "EXEC" Music program format.

                        I put that manual excerpt into both the 4051 MUSIC and R12 Graphics Enhancement Demo folders on my github repository.

                        The complete 4050R12 manual is too big to post on my github repository. It is currently on my Google drive - maybe Al can post it to bitsavers for all to enjoy

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                          Tektronix 4050 Star Trek - Updated with sounds, torpedo tracking+target destruction

                          I've updated the StarTrekUDK.BAS program on my Tektronix 4050 github repository in the games directory.

                          1. I added beeps when targets are destroyed - and added a BLOCK character from FONT 5 on top of destroyed targets.
                          2. I also added refresh BLOCK characters to show PHASOR targeting, and the path of the PHOTON TORPEDO - which helps a lot on unusual angle shots
                          3. I added a second RND(-1), which now properly randomizes the game on the 405x emulator (bug?). Previously I had one RND(-1), then the rest was RND(1) per the documentation.

                          Here is a screenshot showing the target destruction.



                            If you don't have a working Tektronix 4051, 4052 or 4054, you can download and use my fork of the 405x web emulator on my repo:


                            Download and unzip to a folder on your PC. Click on the jsTEKTRONIX4051_universal.html to run the emulator.

                            Then click the Start button at the bottom and click the Choose File button and select the StarTrekGraphics4050.BAS program located in the Programs directory of the emulator.

                            For my older uploads - use the jsTEKTRONIX4051.html

                            I use Chrome web browser to run the emulator.

                            The speed of this emulator is adjustable - just edit the mc6800.js file and change the "/408" to "/40", then save this file, then run the emulator to get a 10X speedup. On my PC the /40 gives me about the speed of my 4054A. The /408 makes the emulator run at the same speed as my 4051 ran in the 1970's with my performance test program.


                              I found a program called Loom which allowed me to capture running Star Trek on my 'ultimate' 405x Emulator sped up 10x to simulate the speed I get on my Tektronix 4054A.

                              Here is the video link:



                                Tektronix 4050 - ADVENTURE program updates

                                I've fixed several bugs in inventory and logic and uploaded a new ADVENTURE.txt version to my github repository:


                                The game is great fun - but it was never available on the Tektronix 4050 computers until my port based on Jim Gerrie's port of William Crowther's ADVENTURE to the MC-10 computer called COLLOSAL16. His full MC-10 emulator is located here:


                                I also modified the program to save and restore games to an 8 inch floppy disk in the 4907 File Manager - I uploaded this version with the name ADVENT4907 as the maximum length of a name is 10 characters in each of the five levels of hierarchy in the 4907 File Manager.

                                Here is how I set up the files on my 4907 - assuming you are using the first disk "0" - and assuming you have already formatted a floppy disk:

                                First, transfer the ADVENT4907.txt file over serial into your 4051/4052/4054 computer.

                                Then initialize the 4907 and save the program:
                                1. CALL "SETTIM" "DD-MON-YY HH:MM"
                                2. CALL "MOUNT",0,A$
                                3. SAVE "ADVENT4907"

                                The program will be saved into SCRATCHLIB directory.

                                You will need to create a file to save your games:

                                CREATE "@SCRATCHLIB/GAME1";10000,0

                                I suggest you make more than one save game. I had a file error one time on saving the game - I reran the SAVE game routine and saved it ok the second time. Search the program for "FILE NAME". One location is to SAVE the game, the other location is to LOAD the save game file.

                                COPY "@SCRATCHLIB/GAME1",0 TO "@SCRATCHLIB/GAME2",0

                                Now you can load the program with:

                                OLD "ADVENT4907"

                                Then type RUN

                                If you lose the game - I added a message indicating you can reload the game by pressing User Definable Key 1.
                                It is necessary to completely reload the game every time - because my port of the program is in a single file to run even on the 405x emulator, and the program deletes DATA statements after the variables are initialized - in order to run in 32KB of memory in a 4051.

                                If you quit the game - you are given the opportunity of saving the state to a 4907 file.

                                When you run the game you are given the opportunity of loading a save game file.

                                This game is lots of fun - and back in the day caused serious loss of productivity at work
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