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How to NOT clean your vintage IBM PC

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    How to NOT clean your vintage IBM PC

    Only for strong stomach...

    keynotes - 10:46, 12:11, 15:15, 18:14, 24:06
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      Wow! I've washed motherboards before. But even I wouldn't be stupid enough to do anything this crazy...


        OH ..

        well I watched the first 20secs and I had that sinking gut feeling..

        Ok then I fast forwarded to 10.30 and let it run.. YES the 10.46 shows this ID..T was dropped on his "learn" head at birth !!

        How could he snap front panel when he was handling everything with 'such' care.///

        The next highlight you point to about his choice of tools.. "sigh".. says one thing does another.

        at 16.04 if he has not damaged a piece of pcb thin track I would be VERY surprised.

        and at 18.14 on I had to pause video and get up, go to loo and throw up. THAT is the most idiotic thing I seen in a long while. Even worse than the reality females that loose clothing whilst getting out of a car door.

        Am I game to look at the rest of the video ?? mmm

        I got to 24.40 and just beyond.. BEAM me up Scotty has no transport skills like this guy.. PCB's that fly though the air... AMAZING !!!

        now compare 0.26 screen shot to the one at end near 20.40 as I have fixed it .. YEA RIGHT


          Holy cow, heat pump/air conditioning manufacturers warn you not to use a pressure washer to clean the condenser coils because it can damage them. So you should use that 3000 PSI washer on your vintage computer gear. FWIW, note the cheap nickel-plated screwdrivers used to disassemble the PC. Not even a real nutdriver to be seen.

          Some people shouldn't be allowed to own or handle tools.
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            Pressure washer? I gotta see this one.

            I used to work with a guy that removed all the skin from his arm trying to wash a spot of dirt off.
            Be polite and I may let you live.



              Originally posted by KC9UDX View Post
              Pressure washer? I gotta see this one.

              I used to work with a guy that removed all the skin from his arm trying to wash a spot of dirt off.
              My dad told me once that he knew a guy who's friend was washing a boat with an industrial pressure washer, he tried to clean his boot with it, and ended up losing his foot... Not sure how true that story is, but it shows that pressure washers shouldn't be used by people who don't know what they're doing :P


                I don't doubt it. High pressure water is very good at cutting things, and, impregnating things through your skin. When a blast of water pulverizes something (boot? Sock?) and blasts it into your meat, they usually amputate.

                The waterjet industry is full of horror stories from people doing stupid things.
                Be polite and I may let you live.



                  I'll admit I've taken risks by putting boards in the dish washer and suing the drying mode after but pressure washing, especially outside is insane. When you aren't stripping parts you're ripping the covers off the EPROMS and letting the sun do the rest.
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                    Originally posted by NeXT View Post
                    ...taken risks by putting boards in the dish washer...
                    That's not too risky as long as you don't have any components that can be penetrated by water (i.e.---open relays, transformers, etc.). Used to do it all the time at a former job and never had any problems.

                    But the video above just shows stupidity...


                      Could a high-powered pressure wash like the one in the video shear passive components off the board?

                      The IBM PC has a relay on the mainboard for controlling a cassette deck motor, I am not sure how sealed it is.

                      Definitely a very careless cleaning, the video poster is lucky that the system posted after his "treatment"
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                        It could blast active components off too.

                        I thought he as much as admitted at the end that he killed the hard drive. I'm not going to go back and watch it again to make sure though.
                        Be polite and I may let you live.



                          This guy may have a YouTube channel, but he has no business being anywhere near a vintage machine.


                            I once saw the crew at a Sears Auto Center dismantle a guy's entire dashboard looking for the cause of a small arc they witnessed when installing the hot lead on the new battery he'd just purchased. Turned out to be caused by the dashboard clock.

                            On another occasion I saw a young man who was supposed to be putting new shocks on my car walk under the lift with a lit cutting torch. He was outraged when someone (me) shut off the acetylene valve. We had a "frank and meaningful exchange of our positions" on his skills as a mechanic.

                            I call it "brute force and ignorance" after a photo I once saw many years ago on a photo caption. Amazingly I was able to find it on the web. Look at the photo on the top of page 35.


                            Yep, they're out there, Folks. And nowhere as rare as we would like to think. :-0
                            "It's all bits on the bus, Cowboy! It's all bits on the bus!" -- Tom Beck, #1ESS Instructor, Southern Bell Opa Locka Training Center


                              Originally posted by T-R-A View Post
                              This guy may have a YouTube channel, but he has no business being anywhere near a vintage machine.
                              Do you think I should start a YouTube channel in opposition to this guy...? I could could call it BRICKING a modern computer

                              I would show taking a modern computer, putting it outside on ground, building a temporary wood frame around it. Grab two bags of quick set cement and pour around and over it. Then add water and wait for it to dry.

                              I could even go so far as pre-cable the unit so power, and monitor cables were connected outside concrete area, with wifi mouse and keyboard and then try powering it up.

                              MM could become an internet hit.. ????

                              BUT seriously its a shame this idiot is able to leave this video on, someone else with limited electronic/computer/tool skills could think this is ok and copy him.

                              Also DONT buy any vintage computers from eBay or like that have the words "Freshly pressure cleaned and ready to get working" !!
                              Last edited by inotarobot; October 16, 2016, 12:48 PM.