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IBM PC Case Sizes and front panel measurments

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    Figured I'd post an update, the build is going along as planned. All the printable bits are more or less done, I'm at the worst part of it all - sanding and filling and sanding and filling and more sanding and painting part.

    I didn't take photos during this part mainly due to how dusty and dirty everything was, but here are a few generally after a few filling ad sanding sessions:

    Side pieces:

    Side pieces primed, will sand down one last time before painting:

    Front cover, the faux floppy and HDD covers:

    I wish i took more progress shots of the front panel piece, this one took the longest to sand and pretty up. A couple of days worth at least, but here it is with this first coat of paint (sorry for the somewhat bad photo, i did not want to move it much):

    After this it will be lightly sanded with very fine sandpaper to get rid of any imperfections, and then coated 2 more times.

    I am looking for a light gray spray for the body. I got a rotary tool and will use side panels of an old PC case I had. Overall, the outer shell is nearing completion.


      Wow, that's awesome!


        Originally posted by chris_nh View Post
        Wow, that's awesome!
        Thank you!

        A small update: I textured and painted the front covers. I also decided to lightly texture the front face as well. I wont post stuff now until its all assembled and painted.

        A video of the flap in action. Has a very nice click to it!


          Originally posted by Inu11 View Post
          Thank you!

          A small update: I textured and painted the front covers. I also decided to lightly texture the front face as well. I wont post stuff now until its all assembled and painted.

          A video of the flap in action. Has a very nice click to it!

          How did you texture the front covers?
          Once upon a time, the internet sucked because it came through the phone. Now the phone sucks because it comes through the internet.


            That’s a really beautiful result. What compound are you using for the filler?

            - Alex


              This is really nice work. Thanks for sharing it!


                Originally posted by Exceter View Post
                How did you texture the front covers?
                Standard spray filling, the trick is to just barely press down on the nozzle, so it barely sprays, and then you shake it around a bit too to make the flow even more inconsistent. It sprays out little spots that way. You need to do this at least 2 times for this effect - its best to wait for the filler to dry to avoid the little droplets combining and smoothing out. I know that there are textured sprays that do the same thing, however those usually have material inside of them which is not really ideal for this application. But don't take my word for it, its best to check out what you can get in your local online or physical store. I just grabbed what was available and made due

                Originally posted by ajacocks View Post
                Thatís a really beautiful result. What compound are you using for the filler?

                - Alex
                I am using both standard car spray filler (The cream colored stuff), as well as a 2 component elastic car filler designed for plastic parts (the black filler). The 2 component filler is amazing, super easy to sand down and really strong, but the downside is its hard to apply around areas with smaller holes, as it gets into everything, and is hard to properly sand out. That is why I opted for both it for large flat surfaces, and the spray for areas with lots of holes or detail.

                Originally posted by justanotherhacker View Post
                This is really nice work. Thanks for sharing it!
                Thank you, glad you liked it! Hopefully I'll be done with the whole build in the next few weeks


                  Sorry for the bump, could anyone provide me with a high resolution photo of the IBM XT PC sticker at the front of the case?


                    Found this one in Google Images ..


                      Originally posted by chris_nh View Post
                      Found this one in Google Images ..
                      Thank you! I kept looking for it under "IMB XT Sticker"... Didn't occur to me to try searching for a badge haha.

                      I re-made it in photoshop, and printed a mockup for it. Fits like a glove.

                      Little teaser (the final version of the sticker will be properly laminated):



                        That looks remarkably like the original!
                        Once upon a time, the internet sucked because it came through the phone. Now the phone sucks because it comes through the internet.


                          Hello Everyone,

                          Some good news and some bad news - the good news is that the case is nearly completed. The bad news is that I had to move, and can't take it with me. So for now the project is on ice until I have space to work on stuff like this again. I did everything minus painting the top "plate", hotgluing the LED's, wiring up the USB's and headphone jacks, and making a backplate (i wanted to do the backplate last to make sure that all components fit properly).

                          I made a short video kinda going through this, and showcasing the current look and state of it here:

                          Excuse my haste in making this - I nearly forgot to take some photos/videos, and I made this one like 20 minutes before I left haha.

                          As promised, I will make the 3D models public in the near future (I just moved, and I want to at least sort the files beforehand). Just be warned that a lot of it is pretty hardcore WIP. As with any prototype, these are more or less "first drafts" and got improvised upon. But, still, I hope its gonna be useful to someone.