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Installing Tyan S1830 motherboard into IBM XT case

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    Installing Tyan S1830 motherboard into IBM XT case

    Back in 2013 I installed a Tyan S1564D into thiss case. see I use this same case for this install.

    We'll start with the finished look.

    It has a USB + card readers in one of the bays, a removable HD mobile tray and a DVD writer.

    Next you have to love this: IMG_0694.JPG
    I put the floppy drive under the DVD drive cutting through the bottom of the case. It not ideal but I wanted to keep a floppy to have when needed.

    The overview of the inside is next. IMG_0700.JPG

    The Tyan S1830 was the last AT motherboard Tyan made. It was originally a P2 motherboard; however with a BIOS upgrade you could use a P3 up to 1100Mhz if you can find one. I settled on a 850Mhz CPU. The motherboard allows you to use either an AT or ATX power supply it comes with both connectors then jumper select.

    The Mobile HD rack was a major problem as it was too long. Being made out of aluminum and having a nice cutoff saw left over from my picture frame shop I cut it down 7/16 of an inch. I then had to drill and tap 6 holes on the frame and 12 more on the trays.

    Case modifications were extensive. Both places that you normally would screw the motherboard down needed to be cutoff as they caused shorting issues with the motherboard. I had to fill in several holes in the area that the plastic risers would use and I used custom size risers and floated the board on top. I had to cut 1/2 the bottom floor of the left bay to make room for the memory banks.

    I used an IBM riser turned upside down, the side holes worked and it could be attached to the left side bracket. I drilled and tapped 4 holes in the riser to attach the top bay that holds the USB - card reader.

    The next issue was the power supply. The current one was an AT supply that I had installed in the XT power supply case back in 2013 but I wanted the ATX supply to use ATX features like auto shutdown. When I opened up the ATX supply I discovered it had the same footprint as the AT I had installed back in 2013 and would drop in on the same standoffs. I attached the on/off switch to the big red one. The motherboard allows a soft power switch to be attached on the front panel.


    It was a PC power supply case.

    A few more photos to complete the post


    Back panel has an AGP 3dfx Voodoo3 video card. Uses 3 of 4 PCI slots 1 of 4 ISA slots for the sound card.
    Linksys is used with WFW and DOS, Intel card 100/1000 works with XP, W2K and Win98SE, USB PCI card 2 ports on the back and 2 ports for the front.

    And last the most important thing... IMG_0690.JPG

    Performance is not too bad. I can get 30-50 fps with MS ftsim 2000. I will be investigating using a IDE to SATA converter or a PCI card to add SATA. Those did not work with the S1564D motherboard my gut says this one might.

    All case modifications were done with just a Dremel, hand file and hand sheet metal nibbler.

    Retirement make you do insane projects that others find ridiculous.

    For the record I spend zero money to complete this project. All items were repurposed the Tomcat S1564D retired to a box, for now. I got the S1830 12+years ago cheap, check them out on ebay today. It's a great board but really overpriced for fun...

    You do know that 5.25" form factor SD-card+legacy floppy units exist, don't you? One of my systems uses one such.
    Before that, CD-ROM+floppy packages also existed.


      I had that unit. I wanted to use CF and SD sizes and have a USB port up front. Besides I like the hidden floppy... No I did not know, that 5.25" form factor SD-card+legacy floppy units exist. Does a DVD writer w/3 1/2" HD floppy exist?


        I just checked, the only one I found was the SYBA Floppy Drive SY-CRD50034 Multifunction Floppy Disk and Card Reader. It out of stock everywhere and looks disc. Checked eBay and no-joy. It would have been a cool device. I'm going to guess the SD-reader didn't work with win10. I had that issue with other readers but using with old OS should be fine.


          Great work! What do your ambient temps look like when the lid is on and the system is under load? I don't see a case fan in there other than the PSU fan.


            I wired the PSU fan to always be on. That PS would only run the fan when it was over a certain load/temp. The CPU has a fan and the mobile HD rack has a fan on the bottom of the HD. I doubt heat will be an issue but I will keep an on it.


              That Voodoo3 2000 is going to run smoking hot, really needs a fan on it.


                Originally posted by framer View Post
                I just checked, the only one I found was the SYBA Floppy Drive SY-CRD50034 Multifunction Floppy Disk and Card Reader. It out of stock everywhere and looks disc. Checked eBay and no-joy. It would have been a cool device. I'm going to guess the SD-reader didn't work with win10. I had that issue with other readers but using with old OS should be fine.
                Dunno--I works on AMD64 Linux. I steer clear of Win10 as a rule. Win7 is about as far as my systems go.


                  Win 10 is an interesting conundrum, just shut most of the crap off and it's not too bad. I run Win 7-32bit using "Oracle VM VirtualBox", in Win10. That way all my old programs can still be used.

                  I'm going to duplicate my XP drive this week and try an upgrade to Win7 to see how/if it runs on this old AT.

                  Last edited by framer; May 29, 2021, 05:14 AM.


                    A vanilla install of Windows 7 32 bit will probably work, but be painfully slow with only 1 GB of RAM. I wouldn't recommend installing any patches, because many of the later ones require SSE2/SSE3 and will cause the Windows 7 install to become unstable or BSOD. I built up an Athlon XP machine a couple of years ago to test some stuff with Windows 7, and made the mistake of trying to install all of the patches. The system would never run stable after that, and suffer from random process crashes and BSODs.


                      Good to know. I think I'm already over a Win7 install. I thought I had an extra 20gb drive to install it in but it had a working W2K Server version I'd installed years ago and forgot about it.