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Cheapo IDE interface for Model 4p running MM CP/M

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    Well, I hope you find one that does the job.




      Originally posted by Al Hartman View Post
      So would I. Since Newdos/80 2.5 is working on the FreHD, maybe the same people might be interested in getting it working on this adapter too...?
      Yes I'm interested too.
      I have tried to address a 2.5" HD with NEWDOS80 2.5 via the Lo-Tech adapter. The HD can be accessed (JP1 open C8-CFh). But FORMAT responds with a 'CAN'T INITIALIZE SECTOR n' error. A DIR command works but due to the content of the HD is not yet TRS-80 compatible the DIR listing ends after a few scrambled pseudo file entries with an 'DIRECTORY READ ERROR'. If NEWDOS is somehow comfortable with the scrambled entries the DIR command is processed without an error.

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      Deutsches TRS-80 Forum



        There is a "" TEMPORY PATCH "" that you do to the Model 3 Newdos-80 to allow the Format command to work.

        Newdos 80 Version 2.5 for The MODEL3
        Needs a patch to allow the FORMAT command to work, For Hard Drives,
        and also for Sdltrs Mac Emulator with hard drives attached.

        The Patch ( By Andrew Quinn ) I have Named the Version as Newdos80 V2.5aq.

        A patch to NewDOS/80 V 2.5 Model 3 useing SUPERZAP in DFS mode.

        The Patch is applied to sys0/sys FRS 18 byte E4.

        Modify SYS0/SYS

        File Relative Sector 18

        MOD E4 to E6 01 (old value was 09) 28 ( E6 09 28 )

        ENTER (to terminate edit mode and save)

        EXIT (to exit SuperZAP)


        PS :- I have Patched the Boot up header to Read

        " VERSION 2.5aq " To acknowledge Andrews efforts.

        Good luck Ray
        If it ain't Broke then PLEASE DONT fix it.
        Procrastinators Unite.
        I keep telling you I am Not Pedantic.



          If you have some 3.5" Hard drives to use without the converter below is a list of tested drives

          a Copy of an email Follows :-

          Lo-Tech Hard drives

          Hi Ga__a

          You Might believe this, out of the 14 Drives that i have here (IDE) 10 of them Auto Boot and the other 4 don’t
          You would think that on percentage i would have picked 1 of these to put in both IDE projects. ( I built Ians version for him ).*
          The drives that work seem to be OLDER drives (?? Version 1 ATA/IDE ??)
          Hard Drives that Work as AutoBoot

          Western Digital WD200
          Western Digital 36400 Enhanced IDE 6 Gig
          Maxtor 541DX 5400 RPM 20 Gig Ultra ATA/100
          Maxtor 32049H2* 20 .4 Gig AT HDA 02a
          maxtor 92049U3 20.4 Gig HDA 03a (Apple Branded)*
          Maxtor 31536H2 LBA 15 Gig HDA 02a
          Maxtor 90432D3* Hda/Up Level 03a
          Samsung SV2001H 20 Gig* LBA,39,179,952
          Quantum Fireball 10 Gig QOLID655T0026 (Apple Branded)
          Quantum Fireball 20.4 AT LD20A014-01-A
          Fujitsu MPE3170AT 17 GIG

          Hard Drives that Don't Work as AutoBoot

          Seagate ST36812a 6.8 Gig U10
          Seagate ST340823e 40 Gig
          Seagate ST380011A 80 Gig

          etc :----

          Western Digital Caviar 1425 426.8 megs
          It would format but fails when writing the system info.
          -================================================== ===-
          Good luck Ray
          If it ain't Broke then PLEASE DONT fix it.
          Procrastinators Unite.
          I keep telling you I am Not Pedantic.


            Thanks Ray for the help.
            I have applied the patch to NEWDOS80 v2.5 but without success. No formatting possible.
            HDFMTAPP/CMD ends with an error: 'WRITE PROTECTED DRIVE'.
            FORMAT,n ends with: 'CAN'T INITIALIZE SECTOR n' (as noted in #362).

            I have tested the patched NEWDOS80 v2.5 with 4 different 2.5" HDs which are working good under LS-DOS.

            By the way - with my LS-DOS there is a booting issue regarding the jumper JP1 open/closed and HD access. I have to open it during boot otherwise booting hangs. If booting is done to the LS-DOS prompt the HD access is perfect with JP1 closed.
            I will explore that further and if the problem is consistent I would like to report it here in detail.

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            Deutsches TRS-80 Forum


              Tis a few differences between the Lo-tech IDE and the standard Tandy hard drive controller that will stop NEWDOS from working with the Lo-tech.
              The Tandy 8x300 and WD1010 hard drive controllers use ports C0H - CFH but the Lo-tech only decodes ports C8H -CFH.
              Port C0H is used for the write protect switch. When the HDFMTAPP reads port C0H it sees FFH and assumes that the WRITE PROTECT is switched on.

              Other problems are the difference in sector size and sector numbering.

              Tis also a potential problem with HDFMTAPP. HDFMTAPP works OK with the early 8x300 controller but has a bug that can cause problems with the later WD1010 controller and possibly with the Lo-Tech.
              The same bug can damage the Model 3 image (MODELA/III) on a 4P.

              Regarding your LSDOS boot problems, note that there are 2 versions of the drivers for the Lo-Tech. one uses ports base 40H and the other uses ports base C8H. Check your config.



                Please just use "" Format/cmd "" to format the drive NOT HDFMTAPP/CMD.
                Just try it on drive 4 and see what happens.

                Good luck

                If it ain't Broke then PLEASE DONT fix it.
                Procrastinators Unite.
                I keep telling you I am Not Pedantic.


                  Just a note that i have started a new thread regarding the Lo-Tech TRS-80 IDE Interface. I did not want to hijack this thread regarding my setting up or any issues i have a long the way if I have any. Im not currently trying to get C/PM running nor do I have a Model 4P so I thought i should try a new thread just in case. I have read through this thread, so I will try and not ask any questions in the new thread that have been covered here.