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Powertran Cortex

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    I've now got all the WAV files prepared and ready to put on to the forum.
    Can anyone advise me how to go about this. I've made an attempt to upload them but it appears that there is a size limit.
    When zipped, the largest file is almost 72 Meg.
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      Anytime I've had to transfer files that large I had to use something like Rapidshare as a way point for the sender (or an FTP site like WHTech when I send them back out, which is why I've put everything up there to keep it available to everyone).
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        Should I e-mail them to you for inclusion on WTECH or are they too large to add as attachments ?


          My e-mail (most of e-mail providers in existence, for that matter) won't accept file attachments larger than 10MB, Andy. You can use the LiveDrive function on your Hotmail account to put files up to 50MB up and share them with specific individuals for transfer, but that doesn't help with the largest ones. Pretty much the only options left are mail or Rapidshare for files that size.
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            One other thought: a Yahoo group! They have a file storage area. Maybe we should start a Cortex group on Yahoo for data transfers. There are likely enough of us now to make it useful. Thoughts?
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              That's a bit huge, are they recorded at 44Ksamples per second, 16 bit stereo? in which case, you could archive the original recordings to CD and possibly reduce it to 10 -11 ksps, 8 bit mono & still get away with it. Good in some ways to record the original as accurately as possible, as it increases the chances of getting the original data back should the tape be bad, but as far as getting a useable copy....
              If you haven't got a sound editing program that'll do it send us a CD & I'll plug it into sound forge (& keep a copy too!)
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              That you don't know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone" (BANG )


                Rather than making copies of the original tapes, I loaded them onto my Cortex and then saved them back into Audacity to get perfect copies.
                I now realise that I left the sample settings at default which is a bit of overkill.
                I'll have another play in the next few days and try to get working copies small enough to e-mail.


                  I was meaning load the WAVs into e.g. Audacity & downsample it from there, rather than going through the rigmarole of re-recording it.
                  "Don't it always seem to go
                  That you don't know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone" (BANG )


                    I've re-sampled the Cortex game files in WAV format and they are now all less than 10 meg.

                    I went through all my old tapes and have managed to find the following:

                    MAZE (Instructions on screen)

                    SPACEBUGS (Instructions on screen)

                    Instructions = Move the burglar around the screen collecting the five keys and then take them to the bank to open the safe.
                    Each key scores 100 points and there is a time bonus on each sheet. "L" to jump, "<" left, ">" right, SHIFT + "<" left jump and SHIFT + ">" for right jump.

                    ARCHIE (Instructions on screen)

                    SKI-RUN (Instructions on screen)

                    ALIENS (Instructions on screen)

                    Use the LOAD command plus the names shown above.

                    Maze, Spacebugs, Burglar and Archie all appeared for sale in the newsletters - (I think Spacebugs might have been originally called invaders)

                    Archie was my one and only attempt at writing a multi-screen game and I have been told by my kids that it is very frustrating compared with modern games.
                    Because I spent so many hours testing it, I must have become quite an expert and tweeked it so that it wasn't too easy.
                    As a result, it is very unforgiving, will not let you step of the ladders before reaching the ground etc and you have to get used to timing your jumps. - Apologies
                    (You could always alter the program to increase your chances)

                    "ALIENS" and "SKI-RUN" were my early experiments and a bit basic but I have included them anyway.

                    This afternoon, I e-mailed them all to Ksarul / WHTech.

                    Nige - Do you want me to e-mail them to you ( 2 x 10 meg emails + 1 x 5 meg email) or do you want to wait and get them from WHTech?


                      Nige - Do you want me to e-mail them to you ( 2 x 10 meg emails + 1 x 5 meg email) or do you want to wait and get them from WHTech?
                      Thanks Andy, but don't worry, I'm fine downloading them from WHTech.
                      "Don't it always seem to go
                      That you don't know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone" (BANG )


                        help needed to restore cortex to working condition


                        I have a cortex that I built in the 1980's.

                        Its been in the loft for 20 years and I have often thought about trying to get it working.

                        any help or encouragement would be great.

                        it has the later Maplin display board and 256k of ram with the ls2001 replacement header and the eproms were reprogrammed for the later disk drive chip ( changed them to a 2764 on a header board)

                        I do hope to hear from someone that has a working machine.


                          You've probably got the most advanced machine of all of us. Me, & AndyP have working machines in the UK (although we both seem to have slight sync problems in that the leftmost side of the display is a bit hidden) I have a floppy on mine, but the cable's damaged & I'm waiting till I have a few bits to order before getting a (few) replacement IDC sockets. Have a look back through the thread.
                          I'd be inclined to test the PSU separately (with a dummy load (car bulb or something)) before connecting to the logic board, also do a shorts test on the power conections to the main board. Usual faults for a machine that hasn't been powered up for 20+ years are dried out power supply electrolytics (ripply outputs & occasionally a minor explosion), Tantalum capacitors on the PCBs shorted out (shorts the power supply & can burn tracks off the pcb, sometimes there's one on the reset, which stops the machine resetting), oxidised I/C sockets (cured by removing & reseating chips), damaged memory (caused by cosmic rays!), and dirty/oxidised keyboard contacts.
                          We'd love a dump of the roms, & if these quick notes go over your head, we're happy to help further!
                          "Don't it always seem to go
                          That you don't know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone" (BANG )


                            right then....all i need to do is get the workshop sorted out and explain that I am hiding in the loft trying to ressurect a machine hedden there for 20 years of marriage...should be easy !

                            seriously I will try to test the PSU and check out the machine, last I tried it just sat there but the voltages were fine, might head for the reset switch and see if the cap has gone short ! probably be a few weeks beofre I get a chance but great to hear that I do not have the last one.


                              There are links above to the whtech archive which has software, schematics & reprints of the original ETI articles etc. I can't be bothered going back through 23 pages though!
                              I've done a proper loft conversion now, there's no way that the CDC 14" disk drives would go up a ladder, I was worried about the stairs with 2 blokes and over a hundredweight of drive between us. Next house has to have a semi-basement, so I can get to use the (about 1/4 ton of) band-printer.
                              "Don't it always seem to go
                              That you don't know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone" (BANG )


                                Excellent! We seem to have found another Cortex user Welcome!

                                I've been pretty busy of late, but I will try to get the games Andy sent me up onto WHT this weekend.
                                Enter My Mind At Your Own Risk!